Homes Made with Mushrooms

  • 3rd Mar'21
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Surprised? Shocked? Well, that’s evident. We have known mushrooms to be selectively edible. Many people love their mushroom dishes. Never in their wildest imagination, we could have thought that what was only possible cartoons and anime can suddenly become a reality, i.e., homes made with mushrooms. But it is happening so, let’s see how.


Homes made with mushroom


Good Alternative to Polluting Material

Engineers and architects are currently working on solving one of the world’s biggest crises, i.e., climate control. They have discovered that mushrooms which are a type of fungi are durable as well as biodegradable and therefore are turning out to be a good alternative to more polluting materials.

David Benjamin who is a founding principal architect at the firm The Living says that our built environment needs these (mushroom) kinds of materials. And with several countries having highly ambitious climate change goals, and this material could help jump start some of that progress.


Building Materials Contribution to the Carbon Emissions

It is noted that about a tenth of global carbon dioxide emissions are due to building materials and construction. This is calculated to be more than carbon dioxide emissions contributed globally by the global shipping and aviation industries combined. And what worse is that the problem will only grow with time.


How Mushrooms Could Turn Things Around?

Mycelium, a fungal network, from which mushrooms grow produces materials that are touted to turn things around and help the climate control issues. When compared with the traditional material like cement, materials made with Mycelium produces a lot less planet heating carbon dioxide. What more beneficial about using mushrooms would be is that they are biodegradable. Biodegradable materials are known to leave less harmful waste in comparison to traditional materials.

Besides that, mushrooms indirectly aides in the clean up processes as well, while feeding off things that otherwise likely would end up in a landfill, such as sawdust or agricultural waste.


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Research and Development of Mushrooms Made Materials

Although several engineers and architects have brought up a great point about homes being made of mushroom made materials, it is safe to say that we are still in the early stages of that process. There have been constant research and developments taking place and one of the potentials is has shown is as the insulation material or even a dependable replacement of concrete blocks.


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