How about a Movable House?

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Demanding for change is a natural and common thing for all living beings. Animals and birds move from one place to another constantly and we human also wish for the same. We own a house and live at one fixed place but love to roam around the city and travel across countries. But, the fact is, at the end of the day, we all miss our house. Be it using the bed of the hotel room or the restroom, they are all just a temporary solution.


What are Prefabricated Houses?


But wait! What if you get to know that you can travel with your house? Yes, the technology and advancement of the human brain have a solution for all. Prefabricated or prefab houses are the dream houses that we could have only imagined but now can own it. These are houses built of transportable components that can be easily moved from one place to another. Some of these prefab homes are built on wheels as well. The privilege of a prefab house is that it significantly reduces the time of construction and is sustainable in nature.

To know in-depth about prefab homes, read:

The world is changing with the new comforts that are being added to the wish list. Here is a detail about the demand for prefab homes in the world:


Startups are entering the industry


To set up a prefabricated house, Smart Housing Startups are entering the arena. Different methods are used to satisfy the need and requirement of the clients. Some Smart Housing Start-ups use the method of Prefab Home construction, where they bring in the constructed components at the site and assemble them. While others use Modular Home construction method, where the move-able house is prepared at the factory.

The below link will help you know more about Modular Homes:

Here is a list of few Smart Housing Startups:


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