How AI Is Supercharging RPA?

  • 22nd Mar'21
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Robotic Process Automation(RPA), a technique that has taken over the world, gives power to anyone to configure computer software or a bot to imitate and integrate the actions of a human. It then implements the bot within the digital platform and executes a business process. Artificial Intelligence, in all its sophistication, is a step ahead and lets the bots think and act smart like the human mind. 

Businesses are evolving with automation, the key to it is the brilliance of the functionality of this technique. Not just that, the return on investment on bots compared to humans is too good to ignore. However, how much automation is necessary, companies often fail to analyze. This is where AI(Artificial Intelligence) pops in. It tracks, traces, analyzes a company’s unstructured processes, and makes effective automation. We will understand the context better with the help of an example.



AI supercharge RPA



Automation Leader

Automation Anywhere, a leading automation company, has been investing in AI for years and has successfully launched several applications. One of them is the IQ bot that helps the company break down its huge amount of unstructured data using Natural Language Processing(NLP), Machine Learning(ML), and computer logic to process the data. It’s important to note here that this bot does not require a user to be an AI expert to operate it. However, IQ bot can embed AI models if the demand is to do such. This change is revolutionary. 

The Discovery Bot is yet another masterpiece AI invention of Automation Anywhere. It is still in the development stage but the Bot so designed cuts through some of the limitations of RPA. Based on the behavior of workers’ browsing and search history, the bot records and identifies the processes to automate within the system. It implies that all this record can be accessed only via AI implementation and requires no human interference. The bot forwards the good leads for automation, giving details of other parameters like estimated ROI, benefit criteria, etc. This information helps an RPA lead or CoE(Centre of Excellence) further prioritize the process.  


How Different is Discovery Bot from Data Mining

Process Mining uses data from event logs generated by companies. It uses the data from the ERPs, CRMs, and other systems of record, whereas Discovery Bot captures user interactions with any application. It records necessary data such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc. to identify RPA opportunities and the automatic creation of bots. Implementing this AI module increases the RPA rate by 5 times, making the team perform more value-added tasks.

The hours of work automated by software bots may double in the next year or two. As companies look forward to being tech-savvy, they are adapting to RPA and AI to add value to the organization as well as generate more revenue.



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Embracing AI

AI is the most sought-after powerful tool that big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are investing in. Apart from being the need of the hour to solving extreme complexities of technology, to addressing the technical issues unsolved by human efforts to integrating all the processes within an organization, AI has been successful in the digital transformation of many companies. 

Discovery Bot is yet another out-of-the-box solution of AI that is about to make a big difference. Tagging on an organization’s internal processing system through AI and improving the same by automating it is a big breakthrough. In years to follow, the revolutionary AI will march ahead and replace humans with more sophisticated technologies. It’s time to accept that it’s a powerful tool and not a threat.



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