How Can Communication Make or Break A Leader?

  • 27th Aug'21
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Effective communication is a tool for any successful leader. It is a two-way process; therefore, the better a leader’s communication skills, the more interactive they are with their group/team. However, from a leader's perspective, establishing successful communication is not an easy task. It is more complicated than we thought. 

A leader has to send a message and answer queries or participate in discussions, which might not be their forte. So, a leader has to remain updated with a lot more information about everything happening around. Therefore, mastering the skill of communication is the topmost priority for any leader. 


Why is communication the biggest tool for leaders? 


As an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, and publisher Mark Twain says, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”  

A leader has to pick the right words to communicate to the people. His almost right words will be a blow for his image and his wisdom. Effective communication and being an effective leader are closely knit together. As a leader, you have countless relationships to maintain within and outside your organization. And most of them are dependent on your good communication skills for survival. 

Therefore, you need to clarify how much information you need to share, which information can be harmful, useful, etc. This clarity is needed because, as a leader, you are constantly overloaded with information. Which information to use, where, and how makes you a good leader. 



Key factors about communication for Leaders

A leader needs to stick to their personality. Trying to be someone else can hamper your image as a leader. A good leader will always stick to who they are and communicate their values, strengths, and roots to the team. Do not disguise yourself. 

The below key factors can help you improve your communication skills as a leader. 


Be Authentic 

Your sincerity is the key to becoming a successful leader. You have to find your own voice and have to develop your own style of communication. Let your team and people around you know who you are. People respect your authentic personality and not the person who you fake to be. Therefore, the more genuine you be, your authenticity as a leader increases. This adds on to your credibility as a leader. 


Be Visible 

The biggest asset for good communication is remaining in the sight of the people around you. Be present, be visible and always be available. This improves your connectivity with your team. 


Power of Listening 

A good communicator is someone who has a good listening capacity. When you listen well, you reason well and communicate well. Listening to your team helps them generate trust in you. They can air their concerns and voice their problems with you. If you hear them out completely, you can solve their problems and concerns better. 



How can a leader communicate effectively?



The more transparent you are in your thoughts, the more effectively you can communicate them to your team. Do not let any prejudice cloud your thinking in any manner. Keep your communication open and smooth. Shun arrogance and detachment from your team members and embrace empathy and transparency. 


Give examples 

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to convey your actual thought process to your team. In such circumstances, you can always share your thoughts through an example or a story. This helps your team in understanding any situation better and smoothes your communication. 


Actions speak louder than words

Along with mastering the craft of communication - language and words - there is one more important aspect of communication. Having a firm body language. A good leader can communicate effectively only with proper body language and gestures. How much ever good your communication is, if your body language and gestures fail to compliment your words, communication breaks completely. 



Communication is an exchange of information between two or more people. This exchange of words also includes how well you carry your attitude and personality as a leader. For your team to be in complete awe of you, you need to be a skillful communicator. 


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