How can Fintech Facilitate Fund Distribution?

  • 28th Oct'20
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According to a new paper posted by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) and Deloitte, “How can FinTech facilitate Fund Distribution”, the surge in FinTech is beginning to reshape the economic region on an international scale with a flourish of new gamers attracting good-sized interest from markets, clients and investors.


ALFI is Positive about this initiative

ALFI believes that Luxembourg asset servicing companies have a prior probability of assisting asset managers and the distribution of intermediaries in the development.


Denise Voss, Chairman of ALFI, says: “FinTech is greater than a buzzword. It will have a crucial effect on the running pattern of asset managers, distribution intermediaries, and providers, who are also dealing with new investor behaviors. The funding administration ecosystem is no longer solely dedicated to making bigger efficiency but also to grant a smoother customer journey if it prevails in the future. In order to assist asset managers and carriers in adapting their respective commercial enterprise models, ALFI has mounted its Digital/FinTech Forum, whose intention is to spotlight the challenges and possibilities inherent in new digital technologies.”


Simon Ramos, Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, says: “FinTech will be a game-changer in funding administration running models. Luxembourg’s strongly related enterprise gamers are well-positioned to make certain that Luxembourg is in the seat for innovation.”


What does the paper on How can FinTech facilitate Fund Distribution outline?

The paper outlines the increase and riding forces of FinTech:

  • Worldwide funding in FinTech is developing exponentially, with funding into corporations in the region tripling to USD12 billion from 2013 to 2014;

  • Luxembourg has viewed a flourish of start-ups, with over one hundred fifty FinTech corporations based totally in Luxembourg offering IT infrastructure or IT offerings as better as a software program or technology-based enterprise services;

  • New applied sciences have emerged: Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital funding platforms, peer-to-peer “P2P” lending;

  • The new technology of buyers needs extra proximity with asset managers, a higher potential to evaluate their investments with peer groups, to make investments in a socially accountable way and it will make searching easy for using online funding platforms;

  • Big Data and analytics make the experience of statistics and can produce descriptive & predictive analytics on investor behaviors, overall performance measurement, or risk metrics;

  • Regulation in the historic ecosystem is nevertheless evolving, and the law of the quickly evolving FinTech is uncertain;

  • RegTech emerges as a science-primarily based answer, developing effectivity and automation in non-subjective compliance tasks. To know more on How can Fintech Facilitate Fund Distribution, refer to:


Fintech is a game-changer in fund distribution, according to ALFI:

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution:


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