How Digitalization Helps in Career Advancements

  • 3rd Nov'20
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Digitalization is the generic term for the Digital Transformation of society and the economy. It is defined as the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.

Over a period of almost 50 years, digital change is a revolutionary change in the economy and society that has occurred. It began in the early 1990s with the spread of the Internet and the emergence of services such as AOL and Compuserve. Digitalization was promoted by the increase in Internet connections at the end of the 1990s and the first hype around the turn of the millennium. It was further sparked by the high-speed Internet and mobile data access. 

Not to ignore the fact that this pandemic accelerates the idea and adoption of virtualization to a greater extent. Indeed, the idea of taking digital classes was there and even many institutions adopted that too, but we have seen a massive change and adoption of this idea especially in the last 6 months. Adopting and learning new technologies is no more limited to techies, as it has today become a basic necessity for individuals in each and every field. Beginners also realize now that they need to learn and practice new concepts so that they can prove their worth to the recruiting world.


What is Career Advancement?

Career advancement is basically having the opportunity to be promoted to a higher position, move ahead in a company or position, or be given more responsibility in a current role. It refers to the upward progression of one's career. An individual can advance by moving from an entry-level job to a management position within the same field, for instance, or from one occupation to another.

There are many benefits to advancing our careers. These include salary raises, increased work satisfaction, travel opportunities, building skills, and personal growth. All of these contribute to our quality of life in general.


Career advancement


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Below mention is some of the points of how digitalization helps in career advancement:


1. Digitalization helps in career planning and discussion

Technology helps people and employees to know about reskilling revolution and stay in touch with each other to discussing the new opportunities and various career options to available and help them realize their ambition and get a better clear picture of their goals. 

Besides, it gives the opportunity to connect with the people who inspire us and take tips from them and all of this is achieved by sitting at home and connecting with them through different means saving time and money.


2. Foster multidirectional career progression

With the increase in competition and people's desire, a person tends to get involved in multiple works which results in a hectic schedule, and in this busy life, both the employees and the supervisors need to be able to perform multiple tasks at one time. It is important to have some idea about all the fields and explore all the career options.

The availability and use of technologies just make it easy for employees to experiment with new ideas, learn new skills, have a career plan, and try things outside their comfort zone to increase productivity and relevancy.


3. Enables to choose from within

When there is a new job vacancy instead of searching for candidates from the outside world, the first option is to choose someone within the company. This saves time for training a new candidate and also boosts employee morale. 

Talent pools are built through technology to help supervisors select appropriate roles for their employees. This is a simple way to enlist all the eligible candidates for the vacant position. Also, the idea of publicizing vacancies even when there are no qualified candidates in the talent pool is a good idea, as this test gives all the high potential employees.


4. Channel to update our knowledge 

Technology undergoes constant improvement with every passing day. The best way to be updated on the recent changes is to keep referring to knowledge sources. Digitalization gives the ability to learn new skills very easily and who doesn't like a person with various skills and knowledge.


5. Helps in being more productive

The use of mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets is increasing every day. One can become more efficient and productive with the help of new apps in these tools. Like using some tabloid apps to learn new things, get direction, help others, or in fact learning to develop new apps.

It helps to know how to use a computer and some common applications. This can be done by taking some classes at the workplace itself or engaging in training classes outside to learn applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat X, etc.

Technology plays a very important role in enhancing one’s career and increasing efficiency. People hunting for new jobs or even who want to achieve higher goals need to learn and adapt to the new tech tools, applications, and processes. At the same time, working professionals need to keep themselves updated so that they can handle the demands of an ever-changing It scenario and be more productive.

It won’t be wrong to say that learning and mastering new technical skills is the ladder of success, be it to start own business or be it to work for any multinational company.


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