How important is it to have prior experience before founding a start up?

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Experience is the Best Teacher.

Starting a business is now one of the most popular ideas for those who want to change their career paths or become self-employed to move away from the restrictions of traditional employment. The decision to do something out of the box and set an example requires courage and confidence. But alongside, experience also plays the role while founding your own start-up. If you do not have business experience, starting up a business can be difficult. 

When moving out to founding a start-up, one question that strikes almost every mind is that - Can you start a business with no experience? 

However, experience or no experience, it matters only when you doubt your confidence and knowledge. A person who is confident enough to start a business even without any prior work experience, can succeed in the race.


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Work experience before starting business.

Before venturing out into the wild world of entrepreneurship, having prior experience can surely give you an extra point. The idea of dropping out of colleges and universities to start off on a new path is commonly in practice. New and fresh ideas don’t want a pause and thus, without any work experience, new business is founded.


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