How Mentorship Can Expand Your Network

  • 15th Jun'22
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In 2020, I was interning in sales and marketing. It was over after two months, but the rewards were not. Not only did I gain immense exposure to the Sales and HR industry but also I was introduced to a few people, through which I met more and we are still adding knowledge and value to each other’s lives. This all was possible due to my mentor Divyank, he encouraged me to talk, interview, and take L and D sessions with other interns, which boosted my confidence to virtually meet people, interact with them, and have a discussion with them. Today I have a network of immensely talented people and I am fortunate to have them.

Networking is not just a mega-event anymore. It is happening on the coffee tables, casual meet-ups, and virtual meet-ups. People are creating groups on Discord, Reddit, Slack, and Whatsapp, creating a strong community of people from diverse industries. 

So how mentorship can expand your network? we will read some amazing benefits of it in this blog today. So get set and let’s read!

What is your purpose for networking?

Everyone has their own personal reasons to network, but most people network for attracting new opportunities and expand their business/service.



According to a LinkedIn survey, 80% of workers believe that networking is critical for career advancement. An additional 70% of respondents said they worked at a company with a network connection. 
But is there an absolute correct way to reach out to the right network that will add value to your life? 

It is - through a well-experienced mentor.

How does mentorship assist you in networking?

Over 70% of fortune 500 fortune companies have mentorship programs. This figure ensures that organizations understand the importance of networking in mentorship.
As a mentee let’s see how mentorship can expand your network.

Wisely use your mentor’s network 

My mentor directly introduced me to the network, there was a purpose behind it but we all made that community stronger with our brainstorming sessions. Mentees connecting with people that can help them grow beyond their comfort zone and support them through challenges is the best way to network. But yes, the mentee and the network should be informed earlier that are to be introduced.


Cultivating skills while networking  

Mentors not only should guide their mentees but also assist them in developing key skills like communication. For this to work mentors have to take genuine efforts and develop a strategy for sharing the knowledge. While the mentorship program is going on, mentors can also offer some insights for developing networking strategies.

Encouraging mentees 

Mentors can also encourage their mentees to search for networking opportunities. Both of them can also attend some networking events together.

Here are some best networking practices you can implement - 

1. Remember networking is about sharing knowledge and values together. 
2. Make an effort to maintain a balanced relationship with your network contacts.
3. Whenever necessary provide constructive feedback and refrain from using any negative remarks about anyone.

I am sure after reading this blog you must have understood how mentorship can expand your network and help your community grow.


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About the author:

Pallavi Kumari, OpenGrowth Content Team

Pallavi is fond of exploring different industries in writing genres and trends on Instagram.

When she is not writing, she is thinking about sustainability and making her surrounding a better place.

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