How to Build Relationships Virtually?

  • 30th Jan'21
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Numerous people struggle with building relationships in-person. And now with corona in the picture, people are forced to communicate virtually which is an added trouble.

Networking has completely shifted online which has its pros and cons. One major pro is that you can connect with people globally instead of just your local community. And one major con is that it’s difficult to connect with people on a personal level over a mobile or desktop screen, hampering the building of genuine relationships virtually. 

With that being said, there are ample stories where people run businesses online and sell companies without meeting people in person and have built long term relationships.

In a nutshell, whether in person or virtual, everyone wants to work with people they know or can trust.


Let’s understand how you can build relationships virtually:


  • Work on your Bio

Your social platform’s bios are the first thing one notices. Work on your bios, make it real. Try it to give it a personal touch. Think of your bio as an elevator pitch and write it as captivating as you can. It should be like an interesting incomplete story that makes a person want to know more about you. Your bio should be authentic and compelling instead of just a list of accomplishments and credentials.

  • Pay Attention

The main factor that hinders strong and lasting relationships online is the lack of attention. When you are interacting through screens, it is difficult to be attentive constantly with multiple notifications flashing on your screen. But this is one of the main qualities that ensure strong and long-term relationships. 

Pay attention to what the other person is trying to say. Listen and don’t just hear will help you understand people better virtually because the only way to know people online is through conversations.

Tip: Take Virtual Breaks and initiate telephonic or video calls to know people better. 



  • Join Groups Online

Best way to meet people of your similar interests is through community groups made on LinkedIn, Facebook and other such websites. These websites have groups based on professions, interests, and more which is makes it easier to hold conversations with people, especially if you’re looking to build professional relations virtually.

It is like an online association.



  • Actively Participate in Discussions

Strong relationships are built when people know you better. Participating in discussions gives an insight of your and other people’s opinion on matters helping you know each other better. Opinions are formed on how one perceives a particular situation, how are they bought up, and how it affects them. How one responds to a topic or situation tells a lot about a person. It is the best opportunity to connect with like-minded people in virtual space and build your network.

You can follow people you like and be updated with their postings. To build relations, you can engage with their content by liking, commenting and sharing.



  • Try to be Helpful

When you meet people in person, it’s easier for people to ask for help or to help people. In online space, you can offer to take over some workload when you are free, send someone lunch, re-tweet or share their posts, donate to someone’s cause that means to them. Help sincerely not just to build relationships.

  • Don’t Shy Away from Being Yourself

Being genuine is the key to building long term relationships virtually. Don’t shy away from hiding your real personality. People should be attracted to your real personality or not feel connected at all. You cannot keep up with the made-up personality if you are looking for a long term relationship. Honesty and transparency are always appreciated.

  • Make Consistent Use of Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are the only way of interacting with people online. Be consistent in using social media platforms so that you are in people’s feed and hence in their mind. Consistency is the way to stay relevant. People can stay updated with what you are up to.

  • Be Thoughtful

Little kind gestures of kindness goes a long way. Simple gestures like buying someone lunch or opening a door worked well in real life. Now that we are in a virtual world, you have to work extra hard to be thoughtful and come up with such innovative ideas like sending a get well soon card, buying them lunch or cake.

  • Include Celebration in Virtual Relations

To build connections with your remote staff, you must include them in office celebrations via video conferencing. You can also send them gifts or cupcakes, involve them in games to make them feel included. Developing this work culture will help in building strong professional relationships.



Honesty, transparency and regularly communicating with people are like the thumb rule to building lasting relationships virtually.


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