How to Create an Instagram Business Profile

  • 11th Mar'21
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Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and for a few years, it has been used for marketing and business purposes as well. Social media has given a special power to people to reach out to a vast audience while sitting back to their home behind a screen. Around 1 billion people are using Instagram worldwide, and it is especially popular in the United States and India.

Statistically, there are more than 500 million daily active users using the platform. Even more than 71% of US businesses use Instagram for business, and more than 80% of businesses consider Instagram engagement most important for a business. Businesses have great exposure and opportunity to increase their reach through Instagram as 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business. In short, Instagram is the new market that is giving opportunities to every individual who aspires to start their own business with less investment. 


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How to Create an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram marketing is turning out as one of the best ways to create awareness for your product or services amongst people. Whether you’re a local brand or a business around the world, you have the potential to improve your brand by using Instagram. And for that, you need to have an Instagram business profile.

You can either create a new account for business or you can switch your personal profile to business. So, how to do it? Here are some simple steps to follow:


A.) Creating a new account


1. Downloading the app

Of course, the first and foremost step is to download the app. It is available for iOS, Android, or Windows. All you need to do is find the app in your app store and download it.

2. Creating an account using an email address

While it will seem easier to use your personal Facebook account, do not do it. Remember you are using it for business purposes, you want to link it with your business mail id instead of using your personal Facebook profile. 

3. Choosing username

As you are setting up a business account, use the username based on your company’s name. If you don't own any company, you must have thought about the name you want to give to your business, use that name. 

Source: The Verge


4. Find friends and contacts

When you are done with your username and password, you’ll be asked to find people to follow via Facebook and within your contacts. If you want you can skip that part for now and follow them after completing your profile. This is not a one-time offer.

5. Setting up a profile picture

People will recognise you from your profile picture, so better use the logo of your company or something that’s associated with your brand if you don’t have a logo. If you’re the face of your business, use a professional photo.

6. Business part

For completing your profile info or editing, tap on the profile button on the bottom right to see your account, then tap on the “Edit Your Profile” button. There you will find written “Try Instagram for Business Tools”, after clicking on it you will get the self-guided steps and instructions to complete your profile and take advantage of the tools offered.

7. Start posting

Now, it is time to start sharing pictures related to your business, and do not forget to use a brief caption and appropriate hashtags.


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B.) Converting personal profile into business profile:

If you are not willing to make a new account for your business and want to continue with your present personal account, all you need to do is convert it into a business profile. Wondering how to do that? Follow the below-mentioned steps to know about it:

Source: Jumper Media

  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to make your personal profile public because private accounts can not be converted to business accounts.

  2. Now, go to your profile and tap on settings.

  3. You will see an option written, 'Switch to Business Profile', tap on that and select the Facebook Page you want to link with your Business Profile on Instagram. 

  4. Make the changes you want people to see on your business account, and tap Done.

  5. You are all set to start your business.


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Some quick shortcut buttons in the Instagram app:

On the Top:

  • Camera (the square with a plus sign): Top left corner of your screen has this symbol. Tap here to start uploading and sharing videos or photos.

  • Direct messages: By clicking to the top right corner you will find the messages sent by someone. You can also send direct messages from there.


Bottom buttons, from left to right:

  • Home (house): See the latest photos from accounts you follow.

  • Search (magnifying glass): Look up top accounts, people, places, and hashtags, and content or accounts suggested for you.

  • Reels: Tap here to make or see short videos. 

  • Notifications (heart): See the most recent likes and comments to your photos and what people you follow are liking.

  • Profile (circular photo): Your full account, everything you’ve posted, and access to the settings menu.


Some top hashtags on Instagram

You must be aware of the hashtags used on various social media platforms. Sometimes you even get irritated seeing any individual or business using unlimited hashtags. Hashtags help in reaching the audience, but using them unnecessarily can turn off your audience. Check out some of the most used hashtags on Instagram. 


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