How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2020?

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SEO strategy is a thorough plan to boost a website’s search engine rankings to capture more organic traffic. This plan should draw from various foundational pillars, comprising technical SEO, content strategy, on-page SEO, link building, and user experience. One of the fundamental functions of a successful SEO strategy is that it illustrates your brand to searchers at every step of the customer journey. As a result, your company becomes a trusted, familiar resource for customers no matter their phase in the purchase funnel.


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How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2020 


How to Create an SEO Strategy?


If you’re trying to get to page one on Google or working tirelessly to stay there, you’re not lonely. Very few businesses have an easy time attaining and keeping page one rankings. 

Here are a few tips to follow to create an effective SEO strategy:

  • Listen to how your customers speak, then speak their language: Understand your consumer and prospect wants, start a list. You can’t focus on enhancing rankings if you don’t understand what your possibilities and customers are looking for. Then, transfer this understanding to your website. To find out what the most prominent search terms are, type your keywords and prospect topics into Google’s search bar.
  • Give your website a check-up: The on-page SEO factors influence your page rank in search results so make sure to get these optimized. Find your most popular web pages in search outcomes. Review your meta description and correlate it to competitors on the page.
  • Create less, promote more: Make it simple for your visitors to share content by containing social sharing icons on every post. Besides, make sure to comprise the most relevant social channels for your industry. Lastly, consistently post your content on your social channels.
  • Track your progress: Time to analyze all your hard work. Tracking your improvement will instruct your SEO strategy and marketing moves for ongoing strategy iterations. Remember to trace with a purpose. Not every number matters. These metrics, or KPIs, should be established on your specific business goals.


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How to create an SEO strategy in 2020 · Step 1: Research and Planning · Step 2: Technical SEO · Step 3: On-page SEO · Step 4: Off-page SEO.

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