How To Ensure Trustworthy Data In Cloud Computing?

  • 10th Oct'21
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Cloud Computing is the revolutionary invention that gave us freedom from maintaining big physical data centers. It helped easy mobility of documents and files from hard drives and USBs to the cloud. The accessibility of data and the scalability aspect have kept companies hooked to the cloud in some form or other. Isn't that the technological progress we all anticipated? While the cloud features are enthralling, what remains questionable is data security in cloud computing. Data security in cloud computing is highly essential for businesses and individuals as they have big data and confidential information that needs protection. So, is there a way we can seal our data from hackers? Are the cyber laws binding to protect our data, and how can we ensure trustworthy data in cloud computing? 

While we look for solutions, we must understand the vastness of the economics of cloud computing services. Because of the multiple functions of cloud computing and reduced capital expenses, it is the best option available. Still, we must ensure data privacy through proper planning and responsiveness. Before we delve into factoring in the solutions to ensure data security, let's understand why the issues persist and why it is increasingly tough to enable data protection in the cloud.


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Issues Of Data Security In Cloud

Data-Flow Through Borders

Data in the cloud can reach anywhere and reaches users from many countries. As such, which government can regulate the data flow? The data stored in the servers of countries can accept the policies of that country. However, what approach will hold good for transferrable data accessible to people from all parts of the world? This confusion creates issues in data protection.


No Legal Authority in Place

Internet is an omnipotent tool that knowingly tracks your data and uses it to refine searches and gets you desired results. So every data you think is confidential over the Internet is not so, as it is a space that has its own rules. So based on the states it operates in, if the authorities demand the Internet to share users' data, it may have to give it up. The only thing you can do is be careful about the data you give access to the Internet.


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Ensure Data Security In Cloud Computing

Here are few ways to help you ensure data security in Cloud Computing

Proper Encryption

As you think of availing cloud computing services through a private or hybrid model, check the encryption level. If a cloud service ensures proper encryption of your data, it bars external users from accessing your personal information. It safeguards your data from service providers, administrators, and third parties, making it difficult for hackers to steal data as well.


Terms and Conditions

Many platforms offer you the benefits of cloud computing services but read the agreement before facilitating the process. The agreement gives you a peak of security of your data, asking your permission to use or sell your data. Also, when the provider sends you updates regarding the platform, always read them as many intricate subjects in that attachment.


A Solid Password

Protect your data with a solid password that is very challenging for anyone to guess. Make it long, close to 12 characters or more. Ensure the password uses random characters are do not have usual information like names, birthdates or pet names, etc. Also, to enhance the security aspect, protect data on different platforms with different passwords. Also, when you log into any outlet, sign out after use so that the system does not copy your password.


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Set Privacy Details In Your Account

Cloud always seeks your permission about the data you store in its space. So check out the privacy settings in your account. You can understand what information the cloud can access from your gadgets, who is getting a peek at your stored data, and how long your privacy settings can hold good. Check once bi-weekly if the settings are still in place to ensure data protection.


Strong Authentication

Having a two-factor authentication or more ensures data security in cloud computing greatly. While you set up the authentication, you limit your data access to only trusted users who pass the process. When someone logs into your account, the second factor via an OTP (one-time-password) in the mail or a secret question or a PIN could help in differentiating the authenticated users from the unapproved third-party users.


Keep Away Your Personal Information

When you create an account, you get questions that demand personal information, such as your birthdate, pet name, mother's maiden name, first school name, etc. Refrain from giving details about personal questions. Choose questions that aren't tough to remember for you, but external users cannot guess the same. 

The idea is not to put out crucial information about yourself so that anyone can take advantage of it in the future or access any confidential data guessing the passwords correctly.


Make Up Your Mind About Keeping Data

Cloud gives you space to store innumerable data packets, but it hasn't kept its word over data security. Although remote working has made us rely more on cloud computing, be careful of what you put up in the cloud. Family or intimate pictures, Ids and documents, details of your SSN, financial records, etc., could reach someone else with an evil intention. So, be responsive about what you put out. Store sensitive information at your personal space or hard drive.


Install Anti-Virus Software

We receive a lot of malware and viruses through emails or attachments. Ensure you have good antivirus software installed on your computer. Not only will it protect your system from getting corrupted, but it also stores your information safely. Some examples include Nortan, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, etc. Look for robust software that can work in any system, be it a computer, laptop, or phone.


Update Your OS

You must get notifications about updating the operating system on your device. Do not ignore them as they take care of all the viruses that wrongly enter your system. They also ensure doubly protecting your data through security updates.


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Use It Wisely

Cloud Computing, no doubt, gives us a lot of scopes to venture into the possibilities of utilizing, storing, and accessing information for our benefit. But due to the compromised privacy issue, we have faced many problems in the past. There have been cases where companies could not protect users' banking data and personal data from corruption. Hackers usually pry in these weak, poor cloud computing behaviors to steal your data. So check out the services of many providers before locking in your decision. Also, take necessary steps so that you can prevent any malpractice.

Whitfield Diffie rightly says, "Cloud Computing is a challenge to security, but one that can be overcome."


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