How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement?

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Social media is beginning to take its rightful throne in the world of marketing as for many businesses, it’s the key catalyst for brand growth. As of today, with the availability of the internet so easily, almost everyone is enjoying the facility of social media. It is not only a platform but an essential part of life. If done right, it’s domino-effect can create waves of positivity for many businesses to boost brand awareness and increase conversions to improve company profits. 

Everyone wants to be a part of social media. Social media engagement is the measurement of comments, likes, and shares. Of course, you want to rack up your followers, but ultimately, the greatest measure of social media success is an engaged audience, not just a big one. While you could just cross your fingers and hope that your followers just start spontaneously getting chatty, chances are, they may need a little encouragement. 


Luckily, there are plenty of tricks of the trade to boost that engagement and get more involved on social media:


1. Post Content Worth Engaging With

If you want to increase social media engagement, you need to create content that people can engage with. It could be a poll on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, a video people can relate to, a graphic that makes people laugh, or a product photo that encourages someone to tag their friends. Choose to post content that will receive a positive reaction from people. Post about something that is beautiful, inspiring, funny, or relatable. Choose a content that’ll drive an emotional response from people. To know more, Click here.


2. Respond to All Comments

To increase social media engagement, you need to be social too. When anyone sends you a message or leaves a comment on a post, they’re allowing you to talk to them. Whether they leave a positive or negative message, you should be responding to each of them. You can show appreciation for positive messages and suggest a resolution for negative ones. This gives an opportunity to engage yourself in social media.

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

3. Encourage Readers to Comment, Like, and Share

When you create a post, always add a call to action at the end of it. You can ask people to like, comment, and share with their friends. People are more likely to share a post if you ask them to.


4. Use Images in Every Post

According to Buffer, tweets that include images tend to gain 150% more retweets than tweets that don’t include them. Images capture more attention when scrolling through news feeds than just plain text. Adding relevant images to your post will help encourage more social media engagement.


5. Get More Followers

Having followers will surely help in increasing social media engagement. Those with under 100 followers will receive less engagement overall than with tens of thousands. Social media engagement can be a numbers game. If you have a bigger audience, you’ll be more likely to have a higher level of engagement on your posts. You’ll still need to ensure that the quality of your social media posts is high. But it’s a lot easier to receive post engagement when you have a big audience.


6. Do Q&A sessions with your audience

Many applications like Instagram or Facebook give options for Questions and Answers sessions. When you post on social media, an easy way to engage your fans is to ask a question. Asking a relevant but fun question is a great way to get your audience to leave a comment on your post. To know more, Click here.


7. Post Multiple Times Daily

To increase social media engagement, you’ll need to post regularly on your pages. On average, 2-3 posts per platform per day will help you to increase social media involvement. If you post too much, you may annoy your audience, which can result in losing your followers. So be careful about posting multiple times in a day without annoying your audience.


8. Use emoticons

According to OPUSFidelis, using emoticons can increase social media engagement. Each emoticon can increase engagement by a different amount. A smiley face can boost interaction by 25%, whereas a grimacing emoticon can increase engagement by 138%. Those who use emoticons in their social media posts tend to see an increase in likes, comments, and shares.


9. Add Relevant Hashtags (#) to Your Posts

Another beneficial way of making your post more attractive to users is through the use of hashtags. Not only do these help keywords to stand out in the post itself, but they are also great for tracking discussion around a specific topic and connecting with people who are using that particular hashtag hence leading to more involvement on social media. Hashtags used in this sense have the main benefits of reaching not only your followers but also the non-followers that are looking for the same information.


10. Create Polls & Surveys

Another good practice for creating engaging social media posts is through the use of polls and surveys. Social media polls and surveys are super simple for obtaining the opinions and feedback of the audience.


11. Engage With The Latest Trends and Issues

Sharing and liking the latest posts on the trends and issues relevant to your audience is a great way to show support and involvement. Assuming you are sharing or responding to content that is fair and doesn’t spark the offense, engaging with these posts will help to strengthen your reputation. You demonstrate to users, whether they are potential customers or not, that you value the social happenings beyond your business which generates respect and admiration for you.

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

12. Use Analytics Tools to Monitor Engagement

Analytics Tools are really helpful in monitoring the levels of engagement on social media, websites, and more. You obtain rich insights of data that is perfect for making those needed campaign changes for improvements. From tracking the number of views and the number of link or image clicks to find the optimal times to post and the most successful social media sites for yourself.

Strong social media engagement is a sign that you’re making an impact in the market. It’s not just about looking popular: it’s about making meaningful connections with current and future audiences, which will serve to boost your confidence both on and offline.


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