How to Stop Chrome from Sharing My Motion Data on Android ?

  • 15th Jun'22
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Chrome is the most used search engine and has reached every android gadget. In other words, browser chrome is the world’s famous search engine and is regulated by the giant that controls over 75% of web tracking. It was launched in 2008 and since then it has taken over the market by opting through 77% of operators. Thus the company is on a hike in the competition and has never desired to get involved in wars between diverse browsers. With this, you should also know about google workspace, as it is also a new feature that you can take care of to maintain your privacy. 

Threats to your privacy and security are everywhere, it is the highest priority for you to protect your data. Google offers many software and services for free. The recent feature of Google allows you to customize the landing page with custom pictures. So the features enable you to explore every service that is being offered by the company and then determine your safety and security when browsing the internet. 


Google Chrome


Blocking Motion Sensors in Chrome

It is revealed that the revenues of Google are continuing to hike, unlike Facebook as it has been affected a lot by Apple’s least privacy regulations. So it can be said that Google is a bigger threat to you than Facebook. With this Facebook collects the information for itself while Chrome is delighted to collect it for others. 

However, Chrome is the best tool to deliver a fast and secure browsing experience. Google Chrome has been providing the best and quicker results than other search engines. It has been doing this since its launch, in short, it is the winner of the competitive market of search engines. 


Allowing the Sites to Use Motion Sensors

You might be aware that chrome permits any website you visit to access your current location. Well, we will explain to you how you can stop chrome from sharing your motion data with other websites and applications from your android phone. A couple of security and app developers Musk has revealed that Chrome shares your motion data with the websites you visit by default. It is not a good thing as we don’t want our motion data to be shared with any third party. 

Thus we can realize that Google and other digital corporations are playing with the privacy of the users in the name of profits and fame. In other words, Google Chrome has a unique setting that allows the websites we visit to know all about the movements we make and our location too. You know where this feature takes place! Well, it comes from the accelerometer of the Android Devices which is the detector in control of the position and orientation of the terminal. Hence the basic feature of the accelerometer is to allow us to swap easily between landscape and portrait mode. 


Google Chrome


Google Chrome Accelerometer

The Accelerometer allows the manual activity applications on the device to record every activity that is being done through the phone. There is the sensor that gets the information about where we are going as we keep the phones in our pockets. Moreover, the research has shown that this sensor alone, a website, or an app can even gather information about the heartbeat, physical, sleeping habits, emotional state and many more. 

Thus the layout of Google Chrome empowers the website to request you about the motion data and present it with zest. So these websites use accelerometer data to control, review and impressions to trace your device. 


Stop Chrome from Using Motion Data

If you want to prevent chrome from using your motion data then you would have to uninstall it from your phone. It is revealed that the people find chrome a faster and quicker search engine and they are comfortable with this tool therefore they do not want to uninstall this. On the other hand, some other people are more conscious about their privacy details so they prefer to use other search engines like Mozilla Firefox. Besides this, you should follow technologies to combat fraud, as these technologies help you to understand how to combat fraud. 

According to Google, they have worked on new methods to boost the privacy and security of the users. It is wonderful news for you that you do not need to delete the Chrome app from your device, as you can easily block this setting and disable it from sharing your motion data with all the apps and websites you have visited.


How You Can Stop Chrome from Using Data ?

To have the privacy and security you have to follow some steps to stop chrome from using your data and these are as under:

  • Go to App, then click on three dots in the top right corner and proceed to settings.

  • Then navigate downward, click “site settings” and select Motion Sensors.

  • Then proceed by disabling the motion sensor by toggling it off, and then restrict the third-party sites from accessing your data.


Google Chrome


Access to Chrome Setting Page

To access the chrome setting page tap on the ellipse and choose settings from the menu. You can find the internal pages hosted from chrome, once it is installed they all arrive with the browser. On these pages, there is a setting page. 

Rather than accessing internal pages, you can input the page name into the Omni box in the address bar. Such as when you insert Chrome://Settings into the address bar, the settings page will open. And if you want all the internal pages in chrome then insert the type Chrome://About into the address bar and click enter. Once revealing the setting page you will find the group of primary settings in your chrome. Here you have to navigate downward to find the advanced setting section. On this page you will find change the permission, regulate how Google chrome access other Google services like Gmail, and control your password and certificate. As well as how it stores data. 

So Chrome provides accelerometer data to all the sites and apps you have visited. Although it will permit you to turn off sharing and suggest you keep it on. Besides this, you can send petitions to websites to not track your browsing data when you surf the internet through your mobile. It also gets disabled by default. 

In addition to this, you not only need to immediately change this setting, as Google has Floc to display cookies and is already facing privacy advocates. 

Thus the customers are the prime part of every business, therefore it is the ethical obligation of every company to use CRM to have the privacy of the customers. 



If you don’t have trust in chrome you have the other alternatives to use. As the browsers like Brave, Mozilla Firefox and DuckDuckGo do not permit the websites and apps to access your motion data. With this, if you want to get Google off your phone then install the custom ROM to replace your phone’s Android OS and you can use Micro G, rather than Google play services. This replaces the functionality of Google apps with as many open-source alternatives as possible. 


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