How to Use the Sales Funnel to Nurture Customers?

  • 16th Jul'21
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Have you ever tried selling something? No, not talking about "Lies," as people can buy them for nothing in return. I'm talking about the real deal, like – How any business is dependent on selling their product? Businesses need to make consistent sales to avoid setbacks and expect growth. Anyone may make their first few sales, mostly with the help of their family and friends. However, to do it consistently is what makes sales one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Successful businesses are built around consistent sales. These businesses, usually. Have high expenses, but simultaneously they remain profitable in the process. Now, the chances are you must be wondering how you can be spending so much and yet be making profits. The answer is they have created a sales funnel. Many businesses today use the sales funnel to nurture customers to make consistent sales. Hence, let's look at a sales funnel and how people can nurture customers with this method.


Sales Funnel


Sales Funnel Definition

Sales Funnel is a bit by bit method that you can use to get customers one step closer to a buying decision through a series of planned marketing actions. Most of the time, the marketing actions revolve around the usage of automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages that will ultimately persuade the customers to buy things from you or your business.

Sales funnel is a proactive, well-planned marketing strategy that businesses, both small and larger, have adapted to increase sales. And while this method works effectively, it does take extreme efforts to make it work. Therefore, let's see how it works? How you can use a sales funnel to nurture customers.


Sales Strategy


Sales Funnel Working

Before we delve into the step by step method involved in the sales funnel method, let us remember one thing. It is never an easy task to convert a new prospect into a sale. Also, some customers are easier than others to convince to make the purchase. Now that we are through to this crucial point to remember, it is time to look into each level or step of the sales funnel.

A sales funnel essentially constitutes three levels – Top, Middle, and Bottom like the tips and tricks for consistent sales. Each level of the funnel works differently and determines the channels that work best to attract customers.


Sales Funnel Working


Top of the Funnel: Inform

As one would have guessed, the top of the funnel works to inform the customer about your product and services. It is also the most exciting part of the sales funnel as it serves as the point from where the customers begin their journey with you. Here, you have to inform the prospects about the product/service and initialize the belief that it is the solution to their problem.

To successfully achieve your goal here, you can start with promotion and follow it up with engagement. For both promotion and engagement, you can use the leveraging technique. Leveraging technique is essential to compare your product/service details to make your product/service look superior. You can leverage your prospect and the target audience with the help of infographics, slideshare, and blog posts.


Nurture Customers


Middle of the Funnel: Make the Prospects Believe

Once you are done with the "Inform" level, you should immediately look forward to executing the "Make them believe" part. The best way to approach this level is to see your target audience as people looking for a faith to believe in and yourself to represent faith. Here, more than telling them about what you can offer, try to identify their problems and present them with a solution.

In the middle of the funnel level, you can rely on tools such as ebooks, case studies, checklists, and research papers, etc. Try to make the prospects commit to your tools by making them fill out a form. From the form, you can collect important details about the customer, such as their email address. You can then include their email addresses into your nurture the customer campaign and continuously offer them short engagement content such as wisdom quotes. As a result, they will constantly be in your reach without being annoyed with the regular emails.


Seal the Deal


Bottom of the Funnel: Seal the Deal

The bottom of the funnel is the last of the sales funnel method. It is the level at which you have been working so hard. The point where you need to go for the kill, i.e., make the prospect buy your product/service. The best part of this level is that the customers who have made the journey with you this far are committed customers. Committed customers are most likely to make the purchase.

Once any prospect has made it to the bottom of the funnel, initiate some important campaigns such as free demos or audits. You can even offer a better discount on their next purchase to get positive responses from them. The bottom of the funnel is also where the marketing and sales team are needed to work together. Both have to be on the same page or risk letting all their hard work go down the drain in this driven sales approach.


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