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  • 10th Apr'20
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I am Stuck?


Have you ever been stuck on a piece of work and not able to move further, the best approach is to redirect and get help from the appropriate person. Because taking help is never a bad thing to do. Hub’s stuck feature will enable you to do so.

If you are stuck on a piece of work and it is taking up your valuable time just add a stuck and get help immediately from a team member or a person who is best positioned to help you move ahead with the tasks, and voila! You are through.

Project managers and leaders can see where your team may be stuck in working or helping out a client, and learn which tasks are taking more time than they should be.

Follow the steps on How to create a stuck:


Step 1 :

Daily Productivity -> Stucks  Or Click on the Stuck button on the top

Step 2 :

Click on the button



Step 3 :

Assign the stuck to the appropriate person by typing his/her name and write the stuck description and then click on add stuck.

The stuck will be created and the appropriate person will get notified via email and the stuck will be listed on his “Things I am holding up” section under Manage Stuck.


The person who has been assigned with a stuck can comment on the text icon and comment on the comment box provided thereafter.



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