Ideas To Host a Christmas Celebration in a Virtual Work Environment 

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“We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!”

Long gone are the days when you were treated with some festive season parties at your workplace—the cakes, delicious food, some fun activities, and definitely some tip-toeing. With most offices operating virtually, office parties still sound like a distant dream.  

Moreover, with the new variant of Covid - 19, Omnicron, hitting hard, companies are reconsidering hybrid work culture and are planning to go completely remote again. One of the biggest drawbacks of remote working is missing all the fun you have with your colleagues during such parties.

But, does remote working stop you from having some fun time with your colleagues? How difficult is it to plan and host a Christmas virtual party? Not difficult at all. I don't think so. There are various ways to host virtual festive season parties for your employees. Take a look. 


Virtual Christmas Party


Plans to Host a Virtual Office Party 

Though working from home, you have worked hard and need a break. Your organization, too, needs to realize that working remotely is challenging and tougher. So, a break or a small, engaging, fun activity is mandatory.  You can also sell these 12 perfect Christmas products to sell online this festive season. 

Being an employer, are you still looking for ways to make your employees comfortable and keep them motivated this holiday season? Well, do not think much. These few ideas will make you and your employees get some break from an overburdened work schedule. 


Virtual Santa Party 

This is a fun-filled activity where you give and take gifts! Virtual Santa Party is a Christmas-themed gift-giving party where two employees are randomly picked and are asked to provide gifts for any other team member, but virtually. The names of the people are announced randomly by someone who is conducting the game. Here are some twists to it: 

  • After announcing the name, you get some time to explore the person 
  • The person may or may not be from your team 
  • You have to give them a gift/title that suits their personality.


Cookie Decoration 

With Christmas comes some amazing food that suffices the cravings of your taste buds. One of them is cookies, we all love cookies, and Christmas celebrations without cookies are incomplete. So, cookie decoration can be an exciting game. But this sounds complicated. Do we have to cook cookies at home? as Its time taking. 

Well, to avoid this mess, you can ask your employees to have some gingerbread cookies or plain cookies in advance. Meanwhile, you can also send some decorating ideas and raw material to the employees. These DIY decorating kits may include pre-baked sugar, sprinkles, cookies, and frosting. They just have to open the kit and decorate their cookies in a span of, say, 15 minutes or 20 minutes. The best one wins. 


virtual Christmas party


Best Christmas Playlist 

A party without music? Boring! Not a good idea. Music is an integral part of any party. So, to get the feel, ask your employees to prepare and send their best playlists. Simultaneously, you can make a panel of experts who can examine these playlists. The one unanimously that the committee selects will be played during the party. 

Or, there is another way of conducting this activity. It goes as follows: 

  • Create a playlist folder in Google Drive or any music playing platform
  • Add your favorite songs to it. 
  • Also, ask your employees to add songs of their taste to the existing playlist. 
  • Play the list during the party and ask others to guess who added which song. 
  • The person who guessed it right can play their favorite songs at the party. 
  • Rule: You cannot voice for your own songs. Penalty for those who guess their own songs. 


Singing Christmas Carols and Songs 

Do not confuse this activity with making your music playlist above. Playing your favorite songs is one thing and making your employees sing their favorite songs is a completely different experience. Yes, it is. Make it mandatory for all those participating in the Christmas party. 


Best Dress Up 

Remote working does not mean you cannot get dressed for a Christmas party. To add some fun, you can have a themed dress-up party. The themes may vary from Santa, Christmas, red, anything that adds to the fun in your virtual party.In the end, you can always have the best costume award for the day. 


Virtual Photo Booth 

You can create a virtual photo booth to click some mad moments pf your Christmas party. It is a fun event engaging team members and can also engage some passive members who love to remain cornered in such events. 

But, how can you gather all for a single picture in a virtual work environment? Is it what you are thinking? Well, you just have to ask all those participating in the party to send their individual photos. These pictures can then be combined and converted into a collage. 


virtual Christmas party


Making Cocktails 

We all love having cocktails. Engaging your teammates in preparing different types of cocktails can prove to be a fun activity. Now, once you have decided to rope in this activity for your virtual Christma Party, you can do it in two ways: 

  • Ask your teammates to prepare a cocktail with the ingredients they have at their residence. 
  • Send the basic ingredients to prepare a cocktail to maintain an equilibrium. 


Online Talent hunt Show 

Everyone is gifted with some talent or the other. You just need to pick the right talent from your employees, which you normally do not notice This is the right time to explore the hidden talents of your team members. Conduct a talent hunt show virtually. 


Christmas Tree Decoration party 

Decorating a Christmas Tree is a mandate while celebrating Christmas. If there had been working from offices, you would all be busy decorating your desks. But while working in a virtual environment, what to do? You can decorate a small Christmas Tree in your house near your workstation. 

Again, there are many ways to conduct this event: 

  • You can either host the Christmas Tree Decorating event on the spot, giving each participant 15 minutes to decorate their tree. 
  • You can ask your employees to decorate the tree in advance and simply choose the best one. 



Though we are not physically present with each other to celebrate Christmas together, we can definitely enjoy having a virtual celebration. 


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