Impact of Covid on Animals and NGOs Working Around It

  • 21st Jan'21
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NGOs: Proving Their Role During the Pandemic

In this time of the global pandemic, the world has stopped functioning. What used to be a normal daily routine, cannot be practised today. People are locked inside their homes, offices are working with minimum employees and many other new things are added as a part of the normal routine. Apart from humans, animals are also badly affected by this pandemic. The pets are somewhere in a better position, but the strays have been ignored.

The fear of the spread of CoronaVirus has stopped humans from interacting with other living beings. In this situation, where some people are stepping back from continuing the care of their own pets, there are several NGOs and Animal Welfare Organisations who are working for these voiceless living beings.



With restaurants and eateries downing shutters and food trucks parked at homes, strays have been struggling to find food to kill their hunger. They have nothing to eat, not even leftovers that they always relied on up till now. Researchers and animal welfare activists apprehend that in the wake of misinformation linking the disease to pets and local community animals, the animals may be deprived of food and essential veterinary care which could trigger aggressive behaviour.


Read below about the NGOs and their contribution:

Organisations contributing to animal welfare during COVID-19 outbreak

Despite WHO addressing that pet cannot spread the virus, many people are abandoning their own pets let alone helping others. Learn about how NGOs are contributing during the Covid outbreak, find out

Corona Warriors: This Kochi-based NGO Is Feeding 1,000 Stray Animals Daily Amid Lockdown

Oneness, the Kochi based NGO is feeding 1000 stray animals be it a cat or a dog, every day during the lockdown, read more


How can we help the animals?

Although the NGOs and Animal Welfare Organisations are working tirelessly, we can still spot some of the strays roaming in hunger. Instead of taking off our eyes from them, we can also choose to be a contributor to saving their lives.



Just like we think helping other human is our responsibility so is helping every living being, read 5 ways you can help animals in need during COVID-19


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