Increase Your Sales By Optimizing These 5 Holiday Promotion Ideas

  • 24th Dec'21
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This is a season of celebration and festivities. During the holiday season, there is a window of opportunity to boost your revenues and attract maximum people to make purchases from your shops or avail of your services. 

While some are busy making travel plans, going shopping with friends, some are busy cashing out this opportunity. Those banking on festivals for their highest sales are working fiercely to make their promotional ideas and campaigns work. 

A well-conceived promotional activity, either online or offline, is the best way to get your sales up during the festivities. Let us guide you through five different ways to make your promotional activities more responsive to your audience. 


Holiday Promotion Ideas


When to Implement Your Holiday Promotion Idea? 

Before we run through the list of ideas of how well you can conduct your promotions, we need to know when do we need to start our promotions to get the maximum output. 

Promotional activities are not done just one day before the festivities commence, neither they are done during the festivals. You need to hit your audience at the right time with the right message. What is the right time to announce them? As early as possible is the right answer. But not too early. 

To be precise, to hit the Christmas market, your holiday promotion ideas should be ripe by October. People usually start their Christmas shopping by November, so your promotional events should start by October end. 


5 Profitable Ideas for Promotions this Festivity 


Profitable Promotional Offers 

A good promotional offer should be profitable both for the customers and for you. Profitable promotional offers help you in the following ways: 

  • Re-activate previous shoppers or consumers 
  • Convert a new set of customers into making purchasing 
  • Generate prospects and inquiries 
  • Attract more customers 


Attractive Discounts 

Your discounts should be attractive. Each customer should be felt valued, and this discount should be saving them some money. Your discounts can be set after studying the behavior of the audiences during the previous holiday season. You can take an average of the purchases as how many shoppers shopped for items that were of 20% discount, separately for 20%, etc. A calculation on the average of which discount offer attracted maximum customers and vice versa should also be done. If discounts are kept on the basis of this study, it surely increases the footfall and eventually purchases. 


Holiday Promotion Ideas


Bundle Sales 

Customers like sales in bundles. They get more and have to pay less. However, you should know, which items when sold in bundles, will give you huge profits when sold in bundles. For example, you can bundle up electronic items and apparel. If you have an electronic store, you can bundle up the cell phone with attractive accessories, for clothing, you can make pairs and set an average price for all your items. Customers always want more, bundle sales always work. 



Gifts are loved because they are free. Harsh, but true. Give your customers a complementary card, or any small item as a gift after shopping. It might cost you a little, but the customers will appreciate this gesture. It provides huge value. Even a small card for the people who are just strolling around your store will make them smile. Just out of embarrassment, they will just end up buying something. Also, gifts will give them a sense of responsibility for you. You can engage permanent clients this way. 



Referrals are best used for online shopping. Even in offline stores, they can be used in the form of pamphlets or forms which customers fill in. All are benefitted using referral codes. Store owners get new customers, old and new customers get offers, discounts, or cashbacks. 


Testing your Offers 

Now, one major step you need to take is testing your holiday promotion ideas before your launch them in the market. Here are some keys to test your holiday offer ideas: 

  • Keep your central offer intact 
  • Try conducting surveys 
  • Learn what people want 
  • Listen to your permanent customers 
  • Appreciate feedbacks 



Promotion is the oldest method of attracting people to your stores. Other than these, you can also try One dollar amount off, buy one get one free, etc., which also has the same impact on the consumers. Also, you can try ways to incorporate holiday themes on your business website. However, remember that without a proper survey and market analysis, your holiday promotions will not be as effective as they should be. 


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