Innovation that's Accessible – World's First Deodorant For People with Disabilities

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We often complain about the normalcy of life. It never crosses our mind how challenging things could be for a specially-abled person, like opening a bottle of water, fizzing out a deodorant nozzle, or looking through a product manual. It never comes easy to them. However, with the innovation of Unilever's super deodorant, we are halfway meeting the needs of people with visual impairment and upper limb disabilities. Of course, for a first-end brand to come up with this product is exhilarating. Indeed, technology is revolutionizing the fashion industry.

To make such a bold move and to bridge the gap by working through differences is indeed a commendable step.

Unilever's Degree Inclusive, the first accessible deodorant, is unique in its way. The usual twist-press-spray technique has its own limitations. It is incredibly challenging for people with mobility or sight issues to use that product with convenience. The collaboration with several design experts, engineers, associations, and customers has finally shaped the particular deodorant.


accessible deo


A Welcome Step- Special Features of the Deodorant Container

The hook-shaped cap of the bottle ensures a good grasp. The magnetic closure as you open and close the cap is beneficial to people with low grip or limited vision. The body has excellent grip technology, so it efficiently works for people with no arms or holding issues. The best part is the roll-on feature which spreads the deodorant evenly when applied, and the label has instructions in Braille.

The blueprint is ready for testing, and Degree is encouraging a beta program to invite about 200 people with disabilities to try the product and provide feedback. Before a successful launch commercially, the product review can help improvise the final product.


The Thoughtful Gesture

The greatest disability is when we do not acknowledge the presence of an entirely different group of people. Degree has become a leader in paving the path for industries to recognize the diversified society and make an antiperspirant accessible by everyone. Degree also aims to inspire the confidence in all to move more. The deodorant is the answer to the blood and sweat of everyone who goes the extra mile. It helps them stay fresh, fragrant, and happy.

With over 60 million disabled people in the US only, the move to bring a transformation has taken too long. With this step of Degree, suits are to follow for other brands to walk in the footsteps of Degree and build other innovative makeup products that would fulfill the unmet needs of people with disabilities. The confidence to hop on life's challenges is meaningful when we have better facilities and a better understanding of our folks.




What's More in Store?

As we are on the path to cover the gaps of discrimination through inclusivity, let's explore the other inventions made lately.


Kohl Kreatives

It is the brand that designs makeup tools for upper limb disabled people. The free-standing brushes of its Flex Collection are a must-have for every cabinet. The flexible brush heads


Scholl's Three-in-One Electronic Nail Care System

As the name suggests, this nail care system provides the easiest way to care for your nails. The blue and white colors and the chargeable heads perfectly quote, file, apply paint, and shine the nails.


Guide Beauty's Lash Wrap

The brand owner decided to create inclusive beauty products when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The accessible beauty products for disabled people mainly contain mascara, eyebrows, eyeliner, and other tools.


The Vamp Stamp

It is the dream of a person to get the makeup look without spending hours on it. With the Vamp Stamp, there are many beauty products, including the easy winged liner stamp. With its accessibility to all, it is here to stay.


Rare Beauty's Weightless Foundation

Advocating the rights of disabled people, famous singer Selena Gomez launched this beauty brand to bring products that cater directly to them. The liquid touch foundation has a pen-like structure and has a ball-top to help people choose their shade and apply foundation evenly in minutes.


accessible makeup


A Call to Commitment

Unilever is known to design the best cosmetic care products catering to people from different countries and communities. The company is making rounds to adopt sustainable fashion trends and invent products that improve the health of its customers leading to an all-inclusive society. The brands associated with Unilever are Dove, Breyers, Knorr, Q Tips, etc. The sensitivity towards the gender gap and discrimination proves the commitment of the brand to its people.

The package is unique and appeals to everyone. With a slick design, the container is easy to use and carries a very light fragrance. The project, therefore, entails a sustainable factor through its refillable bottles and gender-neutral accessibility.


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