Innovative Ways to Hire Right Talents in Startups

  • 19th Nov'21
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“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it.” – Henry David Thoreau.

Hiring, in general, is difficult. However, hiring for startups is even more difficult. It is because startups are mainly new companies that have limited cash flow and other essential resources. Therefore, the onus on recruiters to hire the right talents is more important within a startup. One wrong decision in the hiring process can cost the startups significantly, which may not even be overcome. Hence, here are some excellent ways that you must consider to hire the right talents in startups.




1. Have a Mission and Vision

When it comes to big companies and organizations, they have a cushion of huge financials. They can use it to offer big paychecks to convince someone to work for them. In the process, even if the hiring goes wrong, their business will not have any significant consequences to handle. However, for any startup, the story is the opposite. Startup founders don’t have the liberty to offer huge paychecks to convince the right talent to work for them. Therefore, startups need something more critical to bargain with the right talents to work with them. And for any startup, nothing is more significant than the mission and vision it carries. Founders can leverage the mission and vision to attract and convince the right talent to work for them. Therefore, focus on building your startup with a mission and vision.


2. Hire Remote Employees

One of the upsides of the Covid-19 pandemic is the rise in remote workers the world has seen. The positive impact of work from home is nearly impossible to justify. Not only did it potentially rescue millions from a lingering financial crisis, it even ensured the world economy did not succumb to restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Remote work further sparked a new way of work where organizations had no option but to opt for a hybrid working format mostly. Startups are also amongst the biggest beneficiaries of remote working as it has a no-cost perk. They have more options to find the right employee and further bargain effectively with the right talents by offering flexible working arrangements.




3. Build a Great Place to Work

Another way to hire the right talents in startups is through having a great place to work where your employees can work. When you build a great place to work, the employees working for you will remain happy and content in your startup. From here they might talk about it with their friends and colleagues working at other places. Hearing from them about the excellent work culture and environment your company offers may immediately create an organic interest in the like-minded employees. Hiring from it not only becomes more manageable but also adds more value to your company’s future prospects.


4. Keep Existing Talent

When you are in charge of an early-stage startup, reputation plays a significant role in acquiring the right talents required by your company. A well-reputed company can encourage talents to always consider joining your company. However, you need to show it in action to have that statured reputation, especially amongst the talent pool. The best action here is to keep your existing talent rather than constantly replacing them. Also, it further shows that your company values and cares for their employees rather than seeking replacement over some momentary lapses from the employee end as it is always a given. When you work longer with an employee, the chances are that they develop more responsibility towards your company.


5. Have an Online Presence

We all know how vital social media spaces have become for startups. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter have become potential recruitment places where you can find and hire the right talents for your company. Therefore, do your best to have an online presence of your company to attract and evaluate the right talent for your startup.


6. Offer Challenges

Startups are all about conquering challenges after challenges. It goes the same for the employees who work in a startup. Most of them like to work in a challenging environment to achieve growth and work satisfaction. Therefore, at hiring, you offer ambitious goals and several other challenges to the talent you want to acquire for your startup. The right talents are more likely to take up a challenging role than a boring one.


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