Is Online Education Sustainable?

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Online Education: A boon or a bane?

Online education is the new trend in the world of learning. Almost every pedagogy institutions are incorporating digital educational programs. This adoption is shaping the future of learning as new pedagogical methods are being developed in response to the availability of new technology in education programs.

The introduction of the online education system has the opportunity to provide affordable courses, open access to resources, and individualize the educational needs of all students. Other than that, audiences may not realize is that online learning can provide significant environmental benefits. By starting to combine digital learning tools into the classroom and curricula, we can reduce our ecological footprints and encourage more sustainability.


 Online learning


Is online education sustainable?

Traditional learning can never overcast the online education system. It will never completely replace face-to-face learning.

Online learning extends educational resources to people who may not otherwise have access. This, combined with the added sustainability and reduced costs, ensures that online learning will surely continue to grow.

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 future of education


Advantages and disadvantages of online education 

Everything comes with some pros and cons so does the online education system. Online learning promotes sustainable education but on the other hand, it can never outshine the traditional learning system.

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Online learning way to future


Is Online learning Future of education?

During this pandemic, online learning has turned out to be a savior for every student. It has an irreversible place in every student’s hearts, especially for students who could not otherwise attend college. But online learning is not the future and will never be.

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