Is Self-Help AI The New Trend?

  • 4th Dec'20
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“If a machine behaves as intelligently as a human being, then it is as intelligent as a human being.”- Alan Turing


AI, The New Trend

With the increasing population, demands are increasing, and it is not possible to fulfill those demands, at least not by humans. AI gives the solution to everything which humans can't. In recent years, AI technology has grown leaps and bounds. These technologies are making our lives easier than before. It is impacting and changing industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, automobile, legal, and agriculture.

In a recent study done by Deloitte, it was found that 82% of companies have invested in AI and have gained positive returns. Out of 82% of respondents, 35% said that AI is helping in taking business decisions faster and better, 42% agree that internal operations are being optimized, 32% think the same about external operations, and 44% said that their current products are being enhanced. Isn't it enough to lure everyone to use this technology to generate more revenue!


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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The rising imbalance between the health workforce and patients during Covid-19 is driving the need for improvised healthcare services like never before. 2020 has been a crucial year for everyone. With the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare taking off this year, companies are creating AI-enabled tools to understand the mental health of individuals and their behaviours in group settings. Two early-stage startups that are working during this area are SignalActionAI and Luther AI.

Major players within the AI in healthcare market are NVIDIA Corporation (NVIDIA) (US), Intel Corporation (Intel) (US), International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) (US), Google Inc. (Google) (US), Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) (US), Amazon Web Services (an, Inc. subsidiary) (AWS) (US), General Vision, Inc. (the US), General Electric (GE) Healthcare (US), Siemens Healthineers (Germany), Medtronic plc (US), Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. (Johnson & Johnson) (US), and Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands).

IBM is ranked first within AI in the healthcare market. The company has been continually engaged in the development and launch of AI healthcare systems for the past few years. It has 12 research laboratories dedicated to its AI and deep-learning initiatives. Having more than 1,400 patents in the field of AI. Learn more about IBM.


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The Top 10 AI Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

Artificial intelligence seems to be taking over everything, from household chores to industry works. According to market researcher IDC, revenue generated by hardware, software, and services is expected to reach $156.5 billion worldwide this year, which is 12.3% more than that of 2019. This technology is becoming widely utilized to understand and improve business and customer experiences. Here are the top 10 artificial intelligence trends everyone should be watching in 2020.


Understanding the four sorts of AI, from reactive robots to self-aware beings

Development in AI made us realize that machines understand verbal commands, distinguish pictures, drive cars, and play games better than we do. Also, this pandemic has made us realize its importance more than ever. AI is helping humans in every field, right from doing household work to growing our business. Get to know about the different types of AI.


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