Jewellery Company In The Pandemic

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The world stands crippled against the deadly Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, and it won't be wrong that it has affected various industries across the world. The jewellery sector in the country has arrived at a standstill with retailers with fewer footfalls amid fear of the virus's spread. But at the same time, the retailers are optimistic that as the pandemic will start to wane, the wedding season will begin, and they will make up for the mislaid business. Read more.


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Jewellery Company In The Pandemic OpenGrowth


Direct To Consumer Jewellery Sales

Jewelry has been one of the hardest-hit retail enterprises during the pandemic. However, The direct-to-consumer (DTC) market for jewelry seems to be thriving. The brand had to focus its awareness on a single channel with more purposeful messaging, product drops, and promoting spend—all while working with close teams.

Pivoting to adapt the shift to online shopping, the brand had begun offering virtual try-on leveraging augmented reality and machine acquiring technology.

As a whole, this growth trend in the jewelry vertical looks to align with a larger shift evolving in real-time.


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Direct-To-Consumer Jewelry Brands See Spike In Sales During Pandemic

The industry currently experiencing 300% growth in the year, with 400% monthly growth between April and May. Read more.

Why fine jewelry continues to sell

Premium customers are constantly spending, particularly on high luxury items with a sentimental approach, and fine jewelry has standstill to be a resilient fashion category. Read more.

Jewelry Designers Are Creating Ways to Sell Directly to Consumers During COVID-19

In these difficult times, some brands prefer to sell directly to consumers and collaborating with other brands. Read more.


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Luxury Watch making and Jewellery

Industries everywhere are confronting the grimmest of times. The luxury watch industry, especially, is really suffering the heat of the widespread pandemic as it readies itself for the worst hit it has faced in a big long time. So, while the sales are decreasing and the future of the high-end watches business seems to be in a whirl of uncertainty, brands assemble to handle this unstable situation.


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JCK Jewelry Show Postpones, Rolex, Patek Philippe, And Hublot Close Manufactures In Response To COVID-19

Many top brands of luxury products like jewellery, watches closing down their shutters in response to an unprecedented situation of social distancing and quarantine. Read more

Coronavirus fears are driving the cancellation of global luxury events - including two of the world's biggest watch shows

The luxury sector, which promotes many high-level global events and trade shows, may turn to digital spaces to temper coronavirus-related setbacks. Read more.

Watch Brands Fear Coronavirus Will Slash Top-Market Sales

After a groundbreaking 2019, in which exports rose 2.4 percent to reach $22.2 billion, the Swiss watch industry is now facing challenges due to the new coronavirus crisis, which will eliminate growth in 2020. Read more.

Fine Whisky, Handcrafted Swiss Watches, Timeless Jewellery

The Ultimate Raksha Bandhan Luxury Gifting Guide. Read more.


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