Key Components Of An Effective Mentoring Relationship

  • 17th Jun'22
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A study was conducted with 118 mentees on what are the key components of an effective mentoring relationship which was published in the journal Nurse Education Today. 
Mentorship is a much-needed phenomenon and today in this blog, I will be sharing some insights from the study of how mentees and mentors can make their mentoring relationship successful.

A/q to the study here are the 8 important key components of an effective mentoring relationship - 

1) Open Communication and Readily Accessibility

Mentees expect their mentors that they give them the space to question and express themselves. For providing effective mentoring programmes mentors should provide constructive feedback, which is honest, approachable and encouraging to the mentees.
We all know if there is a space for open communication then most of the challenges could be solved much more easily.

2) Goals and Challenges

Every mentee’s requirement is a bit different, so it is essential to understand that. Many mentees are up for brain teasers, they are looking for new challenges that will help them to come out of their comfort zone and hone their skills. For many mentees, time plays an important role in the context of goals. They want to understand time management and also work with flexibility.


3) Passion and Inspiration

If the mentor is least bothered about his research then what mentee can do? It is a primary responsibility of the mentor she takes genuine efforts in her work and motivates the mentee on same. Furthermore, as one mentor stated, “A mentor should open the student’s imagination to what is possible.”


4) Caring Personal Relationship

Many mentoring relationships never go beyond the formalities, it’s a restricted kind of relationship that just sabotages the growth of your mentee. 
For getting the benefits of the mentorship both of them have to come out of this bubble of formality and communicate about their life, and their personal challenges. I am not saying you should share every personal detail but only those things which you can easily convey.


5) Mutual Respect and Trust

Do you know what is the most beautiful aspect of the mentor and mentee relationship? When the mentor trusts the mentee’s ability to overcome the problems and sometimes it is just about that mutual respect, it is a major source of confidence for your mentee. 


6) Exchange of Knowledge

There are various upskilling courses online, I mean one can easily learn from YouTube nowadays but you know what you can’t learn? Practical experiences are the reason behind any failure or even success. That can only be understood when somebody shares their stories with you, and that is what a mentee is looking for. They want their mentors to help them upskill not through any certification courses but their own “life experiences”, mentees want you to exchange every bit of knowledge that you carry. It is again a better source of knowledge for them.





 7) Independence and Collaboration

“I don’t fear committing mistakes” is the one blatant lie that we all use at least in front of others because we do fear the   embarrassment, the guilt of not accomplishing in one go! But thankfully study showed that mentees want their mentors to let them be   free and commit mistakes, that means taking up some risks, and going ahead with a new challenge because that is how we learn the   do’s and dont’s of our life, also 


8) Role Modeling

How many times have you heard this - “Practice what you preach”. Thousands of times, I am sure. So does the mentee wants this quality in their mentor. If the mentors are implementing the ethics of work, and leadership in their life, then only a mentee can see them as their role model and also a true leader.

And these were some major key components of an effective mentoring relationship that needs to be cultivated in the mentoring relationships. This would be the most effective way for both of of the mentor and mentee to learn, and align with each other’s goals.



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