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Work Revolution

It would be impossible to work remotely without acknowledging the role of technology as a key enabler of mobility. Entrepreneurs can work outside of their main office location and that's all because of the ubiquitous Wi-Fi and mobile device. Without these, business people would have been constantly returning to their office to send an email, talk to colleagues, or check the document to print files.

The entire nation is suffering a pandemic state. Everything is facing the worst phase of their life. Nothing is easily available. Business, education, and almost every other sector are facing some kind of loss. But thanks to the workplace revolution that helped to keep the work going and are ready to provide help to their customers in any manner they can.

Work Revolution

Future of Work

The future of work is being shaped by two powerful forces. Firstly, the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace and secondly the expansion of the workplace to include both on and off-balance sheet talent.

When we talk about the future of work it means the future of job, skills, and wages. This era is known for its rapid advancement in automation and artificial intelligence. New job opportunities will be seen in the coming future with a wider perspective

Future of Work

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Preparing for the Future of Work

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Important Ways Jobs Will Change In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Since we know change is inevitable, it is important to know how work will likely change and some ideas for how to prepare for it. To know 5 Ways how work will change in the future, click here:

Five Dimensions Shaping the Future of Work

The future of work is created and influenced by current socio-economic changes and impacted by forces and trends for the new world of work. To know 5 dimensions shaping the future of work, click here:


Future of Work Trends

Shortly, the working pattern will be different from what it is today. Future of work will be accompanied by new trends which will make work simpler and better.

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Trends impacting the future of work

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10 Key Trends for the Next 10 Years

The future of work would be born out of the present landscape at work – an amalgamation of the need to change, the desire for speed and the demand for augmented experiences. To know ten key trends that organizations should prepare for, click here:


The Reskilling Revolution


Reskilling Revolution

Reskilling is the process of learning and training someone honors new skills that will help them to do a different job. Reskilling involves Adding up more skills to stronger your base and be ready with your alternative career options.

A culture of upskilling and reskilling promotes increased motivation in the hands the employee experience and encourage a higher level of employer loyalty. Reskilling has helped to increase the employment rate and made youths to learn different Skills to widen their opportunities.

Here are some links which will guide you further about reskilling revolution:

The Reskilling Revolution

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India joins WEF reskilling initiative as founding member

India joined as a founding government member the World Economic Forum's Reskilling Revolution, an initiative to provide one billion people with better education, skills and jobs by 2030. To know more, click here:

Reskilling Revolution Platform

Reskilling Revolution platform provides better job opportunities, education, and skills to million of people in a signature element of the new inclusive stakeholder’s capitalism championed by the World Economic Forum.

The reskilling revolution platform has helped in the betterment of individual skills and widen their career opportunities.



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