Learn What it Takes to Run a Successful Business on Amazon

  • 15th Jan'21
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With almost 300 million active customers in more than 180 countries, Amazon has become the powerhouse of E-commerce.

The secret to Amazon’s success lies in its mission statement. Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.

Customers love Amazon and that automatically makes the business owners love them too. 


How to Start an Amazon Business?

If you are a business owner, I’m sure you must have thought at least once about selling on Amazon, haven’t you?

Most of them step back due to lack of guidance and knowledge which makes them think it’s a hustle or a waste of time. 

But if you are not one of them and curious to know how to start an Amazon business, then you are in the right place. 


Amazon has created a beginner’s guide that answers all the big questions that you probably have as a business owner:

  1. How to register

  2. What you’ll need to start and how much it will cost to sell on Amazon

  3. Explaining how to list your first product and what you need for a successful listing

  4. Product Details

  5. Delivering of products

  6. After the Sale perks

  7. Amazon has even added tips on how to become a great seller and what are your growth opportunities.

To know more in detail, read the guide. 

Picture courtesy: Amazon


How to Set Up a Business on Amazon?

Once you are educated about everything there is to know about having a business with Amazon, you might want to set up a business account on Amazon.

Are you wondering how? Don’t worry we have, Oh wait! Amazon has got your back.

Amazon has provided a detailed blog to make you understand how to start selling on Amazon which contains step-by-step and detailed guidance.


It addresses all the annoying details that you need assistance with:

  1. Selling Plans- What are they, the referral fees and benefits it provides

  2. How to create a seller account

  3. How to add products- They have literally done the best they could to spoon-feed you.


Picture courtesy: Amazon


Amazon also covers how you can add the products on Amazon and How can one attract customers?

Further, in between they give you tips or factors that will help you choose your plans and products better for which you can give them brownie points!

Read the blog here


How to Start an Amazon FBA Business?

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is a Business option provided to sellers where all they need to do is create a product and the rest all is taken care of by Amazon.


Picture courtesy: Amazon


How FBA works?

  • You can send your products to an Amazon Warehouse or schedule a pickup.
  • Amazon will store your product/inventory until someone places an order and then delivers it(This is how prime deliveries work).
  • Packaging, Shipping, and after-sale customer support are also provided by Amazon.


To know the benefits of FBA, its pricing, read FAQs on FBA, and what Amazon says about it, click here


FBA is also a great option if you want to make it a side hustle and make a decent income. 

This is one of the best options if you have little money or do not wish to invest hefty amounts.

The FBA program is extremely beneficial for budding artists or people who do not have much time to invest in the shipping hassle.


There are several courses available in the market by great authors and business experts who teach you how to make the best use of the Fulfillment by Amazon program. If you think you want to take up FBA seriously and make something big out of it, you can always take up such programs to enhance your knowledge and gain an edge.


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