Life is a Startup by Noam Wasserman

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Noam Wasserman brings great insight into the process of decision making. He describes how emotions and habit patterns adversely impact our choices.

According to the author, fairy tale endings rarely happen in a start-up country. So, if we aspire to succeed and make the venture flourish we should read and absorb the stories and lessons that Noam has compiled.


Publisher's Notes:


After two decades of research on founders, a best-selling book on the subject, and experience teaching and mentoring thousands of students in this field, Noam Wasserman is a prominent authority on startups. Hearing from countless readers and students that his insights helped them with important life decisions, beyond the incubator and boardroom, Wasserman brings us a new book that applies to everyday life his research on the methods of successful startup founders.


Like entrepreneurs, we all deal with uncertainty, tough decision-making, and necessary problem-solving. Whether we freelance or work for large organizations, whether we're married or single, have kids or not, we must be able to think on our feet, assess risks and opportunities, and recruit others to help us navigate them. This book offers important advice for envisioning change in our lives―from contemplating the next step in a relationship to making a radical career move―and managing changes to which we've already committed. We can learn to recognize our own well-worn patterns and keep our tendencies and habits in check, recruit a personal taskforce―our own board of directors―to advise us, and plan ahead for growth. With his extensive database of entrepreneurship case studies―from Pandora to Twitter to Nike―complemented with data on 20,000 founders, Wasserman is able to go deeply into the entrepreneurial mindset and show us how startups provide specific lessons for crafting our most successful lives. This is by the far one of the best business books from an entrepreneurial perspective.




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