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  • 12th Feb'21
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Stretch of losing weight is an overall uncomfortable endeavour, with symptoms from exhaustion to endless cravings, many simply known as it’s a pain to lose weight. But can it really cause you pain? The answer to this question is with you and only you can find your answer your own way.

Several people struggle with being overweight, or even obese. It’s a common topic at almost every filed of life. Excess weight is associated with potentially serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and back and knee problems, among other things. Patients may also worry about their appearance and looks. Thus, overall excess weight is not at all good in any manner.


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How weight loss reduces pain?

Excessive pain can lead to joint pains and inflammatory pains. Being overweight puts a lot of stress on your joints. Getting more active can help you burn calories and trim down fats and reduce the stress on your joints. Building up a consistent routine can help you lose weight and lose pain.

Visit the links to understand more on how losing weight help in losing pain:

Losing weight helps to lose pain:

Excess weight can often lead to many health conditions and the stress of it could severely affect the knees and leg joints. To know, Click Here

Weight loss reduces pain:

A small new study examining widespread pain relief after weight loss could have new implications for treating pain in people with obesity. To know more, Click Here

Weight loss effect joint pains:

Being overweight or obese impacts the body in many ways. The excess stress and strain placed on your joints from carrying extra weight can lead to joint pain and arthritis. To know more, Click Here


Benefits of weight loss

Weight loss brings a better mood and confident in ourselves. It help to chase your blues away. Research says, depressed people who were overweight felt better after they lost an average of 8% of their body weight. Other research suggests that as long as you keep the weight off you will be happy and confident.

Read the links to know more benefits of weight loss:

Benefits of weight loss:

Weight loss can do more than reduce joint pain in people who are overweight, a new study has found. To Know more, Click Here

Weight loss benefits for arthritis:

Maintaining a healthy weight is important as It reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. But did you know it also eases the pain of arthritis? To know more, Click Here 

25 benefits of weight loss:

Losing weight is never easy but doing so can be a lot productive when it comes to maintaining health. To know, Click Here

Exercises and weight loss:

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight than depending on calorie restriction alone. To know more, Click Here


Apps that help in weight loss journey 

Millions of fitness freaks use smartphone apps that help them track how many calories they consume each day. Several studies are conducted to find out how effective these health apps are in the weight loss journey. The study doesn't conclusively debunk the idea of using such apps as weight-loss tools.

Here are some links which will guide you about health apps that help in weight loss journey:

10 best apps for weight loss:

Weight loss apps are programs you can download to your mobile device, allowing an easy and quick way to track your lifestyle habits such as calorie intake and exercise. To know more, Click Here

16 best weight loss apps:

The best weight loss apps can help users make more informed choices by highlighting areas that they could work on such as drinking more water, curbing late night snacking, etc. To know more, Click Here

Best weight loss apps:

Using a weight loss app helps you keep track of your food habits and promotes healthy and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. To know more, Click Here

12 fitness and weight loss apps:

The phrase there is an app for all is the latest cliché but with 100 apps available, it is important to know about the right one. To know more, Click Here


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