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  • 6th Mar'21
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“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” Lalah Deliah

We all rush in the race of life to become successful in our endeavors. Most of us have dreams that are quite limited to us but very few of them dream for others. They have a mission to help people in whatever way no one could think of. Today we are going to share the story of one such Altruist, Louise Deverell Smith.



Louise Deverell Smith



A Gradual Progressionist

An enthusiast, a pleasing personality, and a gradual progressionist are the best words to describe her. She is the founder of the award-winning -The Daisy Chain- a platform that connects parents to family-friendly employers.

When people are busy making business plans, Louise came up with one that is so rare yet important. Working parents- Parents who tend to miss out on opportunities because of starting a family and tending to them.

Most employers give them a miss because they may not be available full time or may not make efficient use of resources or may demand flexibility. However, Louise changed that, and here's how.


Getting Started on the idea

Smith recalls how in her decade-long experience, she saw first-hand the way many moms were not being hired for great jobs because the employers would not consider their needs i.e. mostly of childcare. She would later connect to them when she would have her two children and how resuming to work post her leave would be daunting due to the challenges of a regular work schedule.

This frustrated her and she could not help but think of a way to help people like her as she understood how intimidating it could get for people with immense talent but with families to look after. Also, employers, if they can understand this could retain such talents by hiring such parents.


Foundation of Daisy Chain

Hence, she founded Daisy Chain in 2017, which she named after her daughter Daisy. The platform enables employers with vacancies to cater to flexible workers and enhance their careers enabling a proper work-life balance. She works with employers who can provide roles that can fit around parents’ childcare needs. It could be full-time, part-time, job shares, freelance, projects, etc.               


The Game Changer

The idea of creating a world of equal opportunity and an ideal work-life balance has enabled her to support events run by the "Pregnant then Screwed" campaign and of Anna Whitehouse("Mother Pukka" campaign) among many others with Daisy Chain.

Her contribution to the world of business has earned her many recognitions, some of them being named as one of the 100 Top Female Entrepreneurs and WeAreTheCity Rising Star for Recruitment and HR. Today, Daisy Chain has over 5000 members and connects flexible working professionals with employers across a wide range of industries. Some of its clients include Jigsaw and Knight Frank.


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Social Media and Charity

Smith’s social media is flooded with inspirational articles, talks on Gender Equality, Global Fashion, Social Upliftment, Advising Young Entrepreneurs on how to move on from failures, Improving the situation around Job crisis, and such important topics.

She also volunteers as a mentor in a girl-focused charity BelEve. Smith is highly focused, positive, proactive, and always looking forward to changing things for the betterment of people.

She only proves that entrepreneurship is all about having confidence in our abilities and how we should not stop after setbacks, instead make them stepping stones to success. Having said that, it is also vital to share knowledge and help others succeed too.



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