Lucky Or Smart? Secrets To An Entrepreneurial Life

  • 27th May'21
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About The Author: Bo Peabody

Bo Peabody (born 1971) is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and Internet executive who co-founded, one of the earliest dot-coms, in 1992. He is currently the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Seated, a dynamic pricing platform for restaurants. He is also a venture partner and entrepreneur in residence at Greycroft Partners.

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About The Book: 

At twenty-seven, Bo Peabody was an Internet multi-millionaire. In the heady days of the late 1990s, though, when every frigid kid had an IPO, that wasn’t very extraordinary. What is extraordinary is that he’s even more successful today. He has co-founded five various companies, in varied industries, and made them thrive during the best and worst of economic times. Through it all, the one question everyone asks is: Was it his smarts that made him an entrepreneurial leader, or was it just plain luck? The fact is, Bo was smart enough to know when he was getting lucky. 

With proven methods for accomplishment and a witty, conversational voice, Bo takes the reader through the classes his experiences as an entrepreneur have taught him. At the heart of Bo’s manifesto is a mantra that everyone, whether working for a multinational company or a solo start-up, should heed: If you want your business to be profitable, make sure your work is fundamentally creative, morally compelling, and philosophically positive.

Lucky or Smart? will educate you on how to put yourself in a position to get lucky, build the right situations for achievement, and take benefit of every opportunity. It is the first truly factual guide to entrepreneurial life, a must-read for anyone looking for his or her road to fulfillment.


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