Marketing Strategies - New Shift in Marketing Industry

  • 14th Apr'21
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Marketing Strategies

The rise of COVID-19 has given rise to an array of challenges for brands, one of which is effective marketing. With a drop in on-site video and photo production, teams being asked to work from home, and companies being forced to shutter indefinitely, it’s certainly raising marketing teams to think creatively about how to bear with our “new normal”.

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Marketing strategies

Ways to Shift Marketing Strategies in the Age Of Covid 19

1. Build Relationships, Not Transactions

The absolute nicest thing you can do for your brand is to move away from incentivizing agreements to creating a one-to-one relationship—personalize your engagement to the person, and reward them in something that makes a difference to them, that grows with them over time. Develop value for your customer, not a fleeting, one-off moment

2. Orchestrate All Channels

Try developing an all-encompassing customer experience that includes all points of sale and communication channels. Customers are looking for importance from their relationship with brands and they’re interacting with their favourite ones, not through agreements. That’s why all channels must be organized. For example, send an email or notification invite to a workshop at the nearest store.

3. Embrace Digital Transformation

Digital transformation from physical to online shopping has renovated marketing into a new challenge. We have to be ready to embrace what we don’t know and always stay curious. We are drowning in data, but how do we make data actionable? Marketing now works across a mixture of functions like IT, analytics, digital and sales, and we have to work together in order to be effective. 

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