Middle-Class Money & Cash Confident! Is it Possible?

  • 12th Dec'21
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In America, about 40-65% of people fall in the middle-class category, implying they earn anywhere between $50,000 to $150,000. So the next question that pops up is how do they do personal wealth management, i.e., rent, food, healthcare, and essential living needs? While some stand out with their A-plans on saving up, others get broke soon. And this is a problem that severely needs attention. The pandemic showed us how bad uncertainties could be, and it is high time we seek a solution. Is it even possible to feel cash-secure with middle-class money? The answer is yes, and the article below will tell us how. But before that, let's dwell on the need to feel cash confident!


What is the Rush?

We are lucky to be here, in the times of complete money consciousness. What I mean is, when you look everywhere around you, you find people trying to understand what their money is up to? People are constantly digging into saving and marketing investment options, ways to grow their earnings in whatever class of society they fall in. They are interested in assessing the market to know their money's worth. While some may argue this is the appropriate behavior in the current scenario, some might want to know what's the rush with so much exploration.


grow money


The reason is simple. Cash-confident! We all want to feel the peace in knowing that we have enough money for ourselves and our family's needs. The relief in knowing that we can take care of ourselves in a tight money situation is all that we strive for. Following are some more reasons.

  • Money gives us the power to invest in different classes to see it grow. We can afford better things and eventually a better lifestyle when it grows.
  • To curb the fear of losing out on different options available to get better interest on our savings.
  • To provide for our changing needs.
  • To equip ourselves with enough and prepare us for economic situations like inflation, recession, etc.
  • To provide for our retirement days.


How to Be Cash-Secure with Middle-Class Money?

Now the real question is how to grow our little money? Here are some tips to follow and ensure consistency to feel confident about increasing middle-class money!


Plan in Good Time

An early savings plan will save your time, efforts, and peace of mind. The longer you stay invested, you can earn greater interest in your money. Always make it a point to keep aside some part of your income and stow it in an emergency fund. The compounding rate grows your money exponentially while you pursue your financial goals.


explore options to grow money


Explore Different Asset Classes

Never invest all money in one class. Stop depending on your salary and try out different options for investment. They provide different interest rates and have different timelines to hold cash and kick out any chance of loss on total investment. There are several options to explore: liquid investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, gold, etc.

For example: If the share price falls for your invested lot, you can make up for it through a real estate investment lot.


Reduce the Usage of Credit Cards

Yes, you heard that right. A credit card is excellent on occasions when you have to buy something, and you do not have enough credit in your bank account. A loan does not hurt anyone except if you make it a habit. These days, people are so dependent on their credit cards, from shopping to traveling to paying for food. Debts only increase your trouble and become a headache later on. Hence limit the usage of credit cards unless extremely urgent and feel cash secure with your middle-class money.


Ensure Possession of some Liquid Cash

Liquid cash helps you prepare for any unforeseen emergency. Investments are vital in growing money wisely, but there is a takeaway. You must be consistent in your investment habit and not get too much money hoarded in the investment basket. If you pull out your money quickly enough, the whole point of investing goes numb. So remember to go long to feel cash secure with your middle-class money.


Seek Professional Help

Most of the middle class are entirely clueless about handling their finances. It is wise to look up financial advisors. You can find many tutorials online that helps you understand the value of your money and makes you feel cash confident with the suitable investment. Seek professional help to get a balance between your needs and financial strategies. There are even many books that can make you more money conscious.


investment options analysis


Make Your Analysis

The only thing that will help you during financially trying times is self-analysis. How secure do you wish to be with your cash? Your emergency fund empowers you to feel better when things turn the other way. You want to have a cash flow, and you want to be creative about it. 

For that, your investment decisions must be wise that could fight against the inflation effects.

Honestly, it's not really about earning a lot. If you look at the examples of rich people, you will find them channelizing their finances and letting them grow. People who don't understand the value of their money's worth and spend more, sooner or later, fall into debt. If you want to feel cash secure with your middle-class money, do not sit on your cash and plan for it to multiply.


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