Nikon Provides Free Online Photography Classes for Holidays

  • 26th Nov'20
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From the last 6 months, lockdown and pandemic have given a feeling of nothing less than holidays. Still, online classes and work from home are going on and now holiday seasons have arrived. Holidays are a time to enjoy doing things which we love and learning new skills while enjoying. 

On Monday, the company announced that from November 23 to December 31, photographers and professionals will have access to all classes on the Nikon School Online at absolutely zero cost.


Nikon free online photography classes for the holidays

Here is good news for all the passionate photographers here the biggest innovation in photography, Nikon presents for people who are planning to learn photography. This holiday, Nikon is back with its promotion that allows you to stream its entire online curriculum of photography classes at no cost. Here, each course is taught by a professional photographer providing in-depth lessons to improve your photo-taking skills.

You can have access to your favorite courses, all you have to do is to sign up and provide your name and an email address before you can watch and you can opt-out of receiving marketing emails after signing up. The classes which normally cost between $15 and $50 each, you get for free.

Also, having a Nikon camera to attend the Nikon School Online is not necessary. The majority of classes focus on photography and how you can be better at it except for 2-3 classes which focus on Nikon cameras.


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Online classes have made it easier to learn anything you wish to. There is no time or location barrier. Earlier, you had to seek out experts in the field to teach you, enroll in a college or university, or grab a textbook if you wish to learn new skills. But, online classes and courses offered by many platforms have made the process of learning easier, more accessible, and cost-effective. Many people are passionate about photography, but they are not able to learn it due to many hurdles. Now you have the chance to learn photography whenever you are free and at your home. Click here.

It is a great opportunity to help anyone brush up their photography skills and inspire them to share their amazing photos and video with their friends and families. Just imagine, by the time we will get back to normal and get the opportunity to travel, you will be a pro photographer.

Jay Vannatter, executive vice president of Nikon, said per the release. “Whether celebrating the holidays at home among loved ones or joining together virtually, the power of imaging helps keep us connected, creative, and inspired.”


Stream to classes at Nikon School Online and learn photography. Don't forget to share your experience in the comment section.


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