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  • 6th Sep'21
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The ongoing COVID - 19 pandemic has changed the pattern of our lives. From school to work, everything has gone online. Every school and college is conducting their classes and examinations online to continue with their academic sessions to prevent losses. However, these online sessions and examinations are raising concerns about online tests and protracting processes. Though we are aware of what are the technologies used in education, we are also be aware of the myths that follow them. 

Since not all parents belong to the technical background, these concerns are raised mostly due to myths and assumptions about the online education system.  However, parents should be used to this what will be the next generation learning. 

Let us burst some myths regarding online remote test protracting. 


Privacy Invaded 

Whenever you are appearing for a test in the classroom, you have a supervisor hovering around you. They make sure you are not cheating. What happens when you are giving an online exam? 

Similarly, even while taking up online tests or organizations, you need a supervisor to monitor you. Since your supervisor is not physically available to monitor you, this is done through remote proctoring. For this, recording your tests through webcams is the only solution. 

Is this not an invasion of your privacy? 

Well no. While appearing for an online test, students can choose their test locations in their houses. A place where they are comfortable in appearing for their exams. It is only the supervisor who is monitoring the test, unlike test centers. 

In the test center, there are so many unknown students or strangers who are around keeping a watch on you, unlike the remote protracting process.



Surveillance and Snooping technology 

There are various ways through which a test proctor will keep a track of your tests online. While installing an online test proctoring software, you need to follow various steps and grant many permissions. 

To save students from copying, proctoring software asks permission to disable the web browser installed in the students' computers, lock cut and paste options, etc. These are necessary for a fair test or examination. 

Everything that a proctor does while conducting exams or tests can be visible to the student before, during, and after the test. However, after the test, the software can be easily uninstalled and you can easily enable the functions which you disabled during the test. Most proctoring companies recommend this. 

It should be noted that the proctor can monitor the students only while the examination is in process. No proctor has access to the student’s computer, laptops, or mobile phones after the examinations are conducted. The proctoring software works the same way and has the same access to the student’s computers and laptops as an employer has of its employees in remote working. 


Accusing honest students of cheating 

Proctoring software has also monitored the behavior of the students. They do it by recording keystrokes or analyzing background noises, etc. These tools are configured and do not accuse students of cheating while taking up tests. 

When the proctoring systems sense something unusual, they require humans to monitor the videos and other processes. Based on this observation, the supervisors declare whether the student is cheating or not. 

This is a complete myth that the proctoring software or platforms determine whether students are cheating or not. It is the humans who do it after a thorough monitoring process. 



Breach of Data security 

IT is right that no online system is foolproof and everything is perfect. Online proctoring platforms work on data, but it is a myth that there is a breach of data security while using these platforms. 

The first thing that needs to be understood is that the complete database of the students belongs to the school and not to the online proctoring company conducting the tests. They cannot be shared with anyone, according to the school policies. Therefore there is no breach in the security data. 



Online tests and examinations are a new trend that will pick up the pace with time. They were the need of the hour during the pandemic. However, these tests are not in any manner, a breach of privacy for the students. These are myths that were necessary to be burst. 


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