Online Tools for Recording Students Words or Phonemes

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Tool for Recording Students Words or Phonemes

Children and youngsters are very creative. Their talents need to be explored. With various digital tools, exploring their skills has become more accessible. If your child loves to tell stories and record his/her thoughts, or any of your students are interested in giving book reviews. 

Using audio recording tools, they could create a podcast series sharing book reviews every week. This is just an example. There is so much to work on for them. Use voice typing in Google Docs to record opinions faster than many students can type, particularly helpful for younger students. Develop audio blog posts, record presentations, practice vocabulary, share reflections and thoughts, and so much more.

Tool for Recording Students Words or Phonemes


Top Audio Tools for Students 

Here are some of the apps to record student's reading paragraphs, words, or phonemes. These mobile apps are available on iOS devices, and there are very similar apps accessible on Android devices.

1. SuperNotes:

If you are a college student and prefer to record your class lectures or attend many meetings and instead catch the audio now and listen to it later, Super Notes can be the best way.

2. Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation is well-known as the best desktop app for dictating long-form letters, emails, and even entire books. Their free mobile app is a durable dictation tool when obtained in the right context. 

3. Say it & Mail it Recorder:

This app is considerable for recording your voice and emailing yourself the recording. It doesn’t deliver transcription, so this app is best when you need to hear the recording.

4. Evernote:

The Evernote mobile app is compelling, and expanding an audio note to any note is very simple. If you are on the go and want to add an audio message, simply open the note and click on the microphone button. The recording is added and synced up to your account nearly immediately.

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Best Audio Recording Apps for Teachers and Students

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Read the below article to know more about it: 

Best Audio Recording Apps for Teachers and Students

They are also ideal for recording lectures and audio notes, a feature that students might find helpful. Some of these apps also provide speech transcription to have a written script of your audio recording. Read More.

Thing 5: Audio Tools

Create audio blog posts, record presentations, practice vocabulary, share reflections and thoughts, and so much more. Read More.

The best note-taking apps for students

Every student needs a sound note-taking system. The human brain, after all, can only store and retain so much information. There's nothing wrong with relying solely on pen and paper (and if that's your preference, go for it!).  Read More. 


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