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"Everything Begins With an Idea" - Earl Nightengale


Concept of Parking Lot


Teamwork is a collaborative effort when everyone right from the CEO to a junior programmer works together for a common goal; this will ensure winning companies and teams!


A major de-motivator for employees is feeling like their ideas don’t matter and they are just bound to serve.  Idea sharing and taking a few ideas into consideration enables teams and individuals to get empowered and leave with a feeling of belongingness to the company.


A powerful motivation for the employees is the recognition of their ideas that contribute to their self-development and provides them an opportunity to be identified as an asset to the organization. It also helps to build their reputation and increase the belongingness to the organization. Sharing of the ideas and the constant need to replenish them increases the creativity of the individuals.


The ‘Parking Lot’ feature embraces this ideology and provides the organization and its employees a platform to connect and share their ideas.


When top management considers their employees’ or team’s perspectives, they see benefits. Believing them and providing them with an opportunity in the form of a discussion platform to take risks and assess troubled areas in the business increases the company’s overall performance


Ideas are temporary, connecting with people and connecting those ideas is the key. Connecting ideas is where innovation comes from, and connecting with people makes those innovations come to life. 


'Parking Lot' feature is like parking an idea on a platform and by this effort, all levels of employees can enjoy the challenges and have fun in the working environment. 


Here is what you can do on our “Parking Lot” feature of OGHub platform:


Step 1: Navigate to All Company -> Parking Lot

Step 2: Add Tags

P.S - Adding Tags and Parking lot categories can be only done via an Admin Profile.  To add a parking lot item the tag and categories should be present/created beforehand.

  • You can create different categories of Ideas Click on the Manage ParkingLot Categories and add categories

You can manage different tags Click on the Manage Tags and save the tag


Step 3: Add category


Click on the Add new idea and you are good to go !!




We, at OpenGrowth, are constantly looking for innovative and trending start-ups in the ecosystem. If you want to have more information about any module of OG Hub, then do let us know in the comment section below.


Contributor: Akriti Verma

She is a creative, ardent and vivacious individual. She is passionate about bringing change through technological innovation by challenging the status quo. Through OpenGrowth University she envisions to empower and enable individuals with innovative ideas to pursue and excel in their entrepreneurial journey. She loves to paint and write poems.


*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

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