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  • 5th May'21
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What is Email personalization?

A personalized email is an email sent by companies using subscribers’ data to provide them with more relevant offers and ensure a positive communication experience. Personalization means a lot for email marketing since it enables you to send more relevant emails based on personal information that users voluntarily share when subscribing to an email newsletter. There is a wide range of options for personalized email usage: from mass emails with personalized subject lines to behavior-based trigger emails like abandoned cart emails, reactivation emails, and birthday emails.

Email personalization

Know more about email personalization at the below link:

Email marketing terms

Personalization is when marketers use subscriber data within their email content to make the content feel tailor-made for the individual. To know 6 ways to use personalization in your next email campaign, click here: 


Email personalization tools

The personalized experience is one of the top priorities of today’s buyers be it consumers or businesses. Your ideal customers love to receive information, offers, and experience that is based on their likes. Providing a personalized experience to your customers has become a whole lot easier in recent times. Customer experience and personalization tools, software, and apps have changed the way businesses interact and engage with their customers. There are tons of web personalization tools that have simplified customization for businesses and marketers. There was a time when marketers had to manually segment and tag customers, things have changed now.

Personalizing your email campaigns is a proven way to increase your open and click-through rates and can have a measurable impact on your ROI and revenue.

Email personalization tools

Read about the tools that help you personalize your email:

Tools to personalize and scale your email outreach

The first step in building an emailing outreach campaign is defining your goal. To know about 7 tools to personalize and scale your email outreach, read the article:

Tools for email marketing

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Email personalization techniques


Email personalization techniques

Consumers have come to demand and expect relevant and personalized content and experience, both online and offline. To meet those demands, marketers are striving to leverage email personalization to move toward 1:1 experiences that not only meet, but exceed consumer expectations and set them apart from the competition. 

Personalization is a broad term, and it can vary in sophistication. Basic email personalization includes tactics like using a subscriber’s name in the subject line, while more advanced tactics can include changing the content of the email based on a subscriber’s gender, location, or other things you know about them.

Read on to learn some of the basic personalization tactics like personalizing an email subject line, as well as more sophisticated techniques like using dynamic content or behavioral data based on how consumers are engaging with your brand:


Email personalization techniques

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Advanced personalization techniques 

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Email personalization techniques to improve email campaign

Email personalization is crucial for creating an effective email campaign. To know about 8 email personalization techniques to improve email campaign, read the article:


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