Plant Based Egg Startup

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Plant Based Eggs

Only recently has “plant-based” become a buzzword, taste and convenience are drivers of the wider adoption of plant-based alternatives.
Over the last many years, vegan alternatives to animal products have erupted into the mainstream. Now, food manufacturers and consumers alike are hurrying to enter the next frontier in cruelty-free substitutes: Eggs. It’s no shock, then, that a flurry of egg alternates have hit shelves in the last many years.

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Eggless Eggs Are Next To Crack Into The Plant-Based Marketplace

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Plant Based Egg Startup 

Here are some of the food tech startups in the plant based egg industry: 

JUST: Just, a San Francisco-based startup has raised approximately $300 million and is valued at $1.2 billion to “build a food procedure where everyone has access to delicious, nutritious food,” wants to be at the fore of this shift. So just last year, it launched JUST Egg, a plant-based egg packed with neat, sustainable protein and scrambles and tastes like eggs.


Plant based egg


Zero Egg: Zero Egg is an Israeli startup that creates a plant-based liquid egg alternative that tastes, looks, and functions like a real egg. This product is acceptable for use as an alternative for egg in any food items, including omelets, baked goods, and sauces. Moreover, opposite to real eggs, Zero Egg’s product does not comprise cholesterol.


Two French entrepreneurs are developing a plant-based egg that looks, cooks, and tastes just like a chicken egg. Made from legumes, the ground-breaking eggs can be scrambled, cooked, and fried. They even come with eggshells to break down. The makers of the new egg are biologists Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk, co-founders of a company called Les Merveillœufs.

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Foodtech EVO-lution

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Plant-Based Egg Startup Evo Foods Receives Capital from VegInvest and Shiok Meats CEO

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Plant based Startup Just Launches Campaign 

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Plant based food alternatives 

If you want to know about plant based food alternatives ideas for startups,

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