Podcast Guesting - An Untapped Marketing Tool

  • 26th Feb'21
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The podcasting industry is an industry that is growing pretty quickly. Currently, there are over 17,50,000 podcast shows as per Podcast Insights. 

While people are trying to make the most of Podcasts as a Content Creator, there’s an emerging marketing tool with incredible benefits- Podcast Guesting.


What is Podcast Guesting?

Podcast Guesting means you go on someone’s podcast to share your story. You try to provide value or educate the podcast’s audience by sharing your story or knowledge. It is generally in an interview format. Time can range from around 20 minutes to 60 minutes. 

While you generate content for the podcast inviting you, you also influence people and make an income for yourself. This insane marketing tool- Podcast guesting has a lot to offer, and you should definitely add it to your marketing mix.


Do you want to know why you should consider adding podcast guesting to your marketing list? Then let me help you out by providing you with 5 strong reasons.


Why Should You Add Podcast Guesting to Your Marketing Mix?


1. Highly Engaged Target Audience

If you are into a marketing profile of any sort, you know that the most difficult part is to build an engaging audience. If you’re a guest on a podcast, you can reach hundreds of highly engaged listeners that will eventually become your target audience if you can woo them by that interview.

The interviews are around 20-40 minutes, and you can easily manage it with little preparation. You can share your story on your own. You represent yourself: you create your brand. It is the best marketing tool for personal branding. 



It’s a win-win situation for both parties as the inviter gets easy content and the invitee gets the audience. This one tops the list, but this could be the sole reason you opt for podcast guesting to reach an audience you haven’t tapped before. 


2. High-Value Content Production 

Popular podcasts put a lot of effort into the outcome of the video, which includes high-value production. Even the new podcasts tend to invest in professional editing, sound, web graphics that are custom made, and more. They hire content writers who write a bio of guests, creative ideas for interviews, key points to take away from the interview, and provide source contact links.

Most established podcasts, and even newer ones, put a lot of effort into production, including professional sound, editing, creating custom web graphics, and writing a custom show notes page that includes guest bio information, key takeaways, and provides resource links and contact links.

It is like having free PR and Marketing.


3. Improves your Credibility

Guest Posting is great for websites with huge traffic, but nobody cares about it. Since blog owners can publish as many posts as they want, the value of the guest post decreases.

But when you are invited to a podcast as a guest, they need to choose you from a wide range of competitors. The host must have seen something in you that made you stand out and were selected. This improves your credibility.

Further, people connect more when they hear a story rather than reading it.



The way you talk, your tone, your body language say a lot about you than a blog post ever can. As they get familiar with your personality, they feel more connected.

This can improve their relationship with your brand, which can lead to long-term customers.


4. Free Blog Post

It is seen that some podcasts provide full interview transcripts on their podcasts, but most of them don’t. But the brighter side of it is that you can ask them if you can publish transcripts on your blog site, and no one says no to that. It is the best way to provide new valuable content with minimum effort.

The podcast is generally shared by the inviter on their social media, which will further increase your reach.


5. Lead Generation

And of course sales! How can we forget about lead generation! 

You can generate a lot of leads if you provide value to the listeners. When people listen to you and provide them with information that blows their minds, you will automatically attract new leads and build trust.

This is the most effective and easiest way to generate leads for your brand.



Although people don’t appreciate it if you sell during your interview. You are there to share your story, educate and influence. You represent your brand, and if they like what they hear and see, your sales will shoot up.

Moreover, you are paid to share your story, and that’s an additional income source.



It’s honestly surprising how much value podcast guesting can provide in as little time as an hour.

From gaining exposure to creating long-term relationships, podcast guesting can do wonders as your marketing tool.

Giving an Interview on another’s podcast is the most effective and cheapest way to increase your reach and earn income through lead generation.


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