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In Today’s times, two powerful things that are on the verge of perpetual evolution are women entrepreneurship and English usage as both written and spoken language. 

Firstly, English is a language that is considered as one of the most essential languages when it comes to its usage with regards to any country in the world. It has not only made its approach a compulsion towards schools and college students, but it has also created a vast amount of demand in terms of business operations.

Secondly, on the other hand, women entrepreneurs are stamping their ascension in every potential industry. Be it Beauty, lifestyle, fashion, handicrafts, and much more; they are paving their road towards success with a glorifying attitude and accomplishing the marked objective as well.

Now, the interesting part. 


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It becomes a moment to capture when both of these up-and-coming stars arrive together and build something extraordinary. 

Pranshu Bhandari, Cofounder At Culturealley, realized that although a numerous amount of residents wish to learn a foreign language, out in the market, there are only a few parameters that allow workers to continually enhance their performance through flexible learning.

She is one of the women entrepreneurs who, considering the importance of English and understanding its requirements globally, established one of the finest English learning applications known as Hello English. 


What Is Hello English?


Hello English


A digital, and immersive technology that helps speakers of 16 native tongues to learn English with easy access available right on their mobile phones. 

Hello English, launched in October 2014, is an app that was developed in Jaipur and became the number one application on the play store, i.e., within the 8 months of the launch. And this app has not only been granted as the number one app in India but also in places like Nepal, Bangladesh, and many countries in the Middle East with around 40 million subscribers and a 4.5/5 rating. 

The application utilizes spoken games to facilitate highly attractive learning models. Further, Interactive games clubbed with digestible lectures with prizes at any fuel stop is an amazing technological base. It also uses interpretation, where users can follow their English with regular news and video readings. Additionally, The software is a beautiful construction because most features often run offline.


About Pranshu Bhandari


Pranshu, when she was a student at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai and the Kellogg Management School, was thinking of creating a language acquisition framework during an international program in Shanghai. And with Hello English in acquaintance, she, without a doubt, changed the way how India and other countries will be able to learn and speak/write English.

Besides, As stated by Virginia Woolf - When you are learning a language, remember to slow down and enjoy the process. The language itself is often as enjoyable as the end goal. And this accommodates the true essence conferring the meaning and purpose of the Hello English application.



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Also, Pranshu Bhandari is a keen lover of doodling, art, making charcoal pencils, having never-ending design discussions or convincing people to hand paint one of the office walls, dancing etc. are the passions she has been following through all her life. She endures in her the creativity compass and the eagerness to share the knowledge that glitters the lives of others. 

With a technological background as her prior experience at corporate firms like Sun and Pitney Bowes, she has truly identified her strengths and transformed them into something astonishing like Hello English. Moreover, Pranshu has won Facebook’s, She leads Tech award in 2017 and was part of the Forbes India 30 under 30 list in 2015.


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Meanwhile, In 2014, CultureAlley became the international batch of 500 Ventures, the biggest incubator in the world, supporting the creation of emerging and start-up businesses. CultureAlley has since updated its format from a portal to an English smartphone app. 

Don’t you think that this outstanding achievement of hers genuinely goes for a round of applause?



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