Recycled Cotton

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Recycled Cotton

There has always been a great demand for cotton among the people globally as it is the most inexpensive natural fabric. Apart from that, the fabric gives comfort clothing as well and this has increased pressure on the textile industry. Even though the wardrobes are loaded with clothes, the demand for new clothes does not decrease. In this case, recycling cotton fabric is a ray of hope that can help.

In recent time, the recycled materials have become a growing topic of interest and so the recycled cotton has also gained immense popularity. In the textile market, recycled cotton is not at all a new concept. But as the retailers, manufacturers and brands keep on evaluating the footprint of their supply chain, the importance of recycled cotton has developed. 

Cotton recycling reduces wastage of power consumption, water, use of chemicals and so on.


Recycled Cotton


Recycled cotton start-up

At a time when many in the fashion industry are shunning products with adverse environmental and social impact, there are many who carry forward the idea of recycling the sustainable material, and took a charge, came forward with their own innovative ideas for a start-up.

Read below about some of those start-ups:

Top 16 clothing recycling start-up

Carbios is a chemistry company that focuses on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers. To know more, Click Here

Textile recycling start-up

The EPA estimates that over 13 million tons of textiles enter landfills and comprise 5.7% of total solid waste streams. While destroyed clothes may seem like trash, these fabrics can be reprocessed into rags, insulation, and stuffing and the remaining natural materials left for composting. To read more, Click Here


Pros and Cons

Recycled cotton has the potential to greatly reduce water and energy consumption in the fashion industry. Recycled cotton can be given new life in many different elements, simple to use or with a low level of complexity. 

The final composition of the fabric containing recycled cotton will depend on its final use. It cannot be recycled continuously. The possibility of contamination with other fibbers is much greater for regenerated cotton.

Read below the pros and cons of recycled cotton:

Organic Cotton vs Recycled cotton

Certified organic cotton is cotton fiber that has been grown without pesticides and fertilizers, through a process that preserves biodiversity, biological cycles and soil well-being. To read more, Click Here

The life impact of recycled cotton

Is recycled cotton durable or delicate? Recycled cotton may be durable and long lasting when cared for properly. To read more, Click Here


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Thanks for sharing such valuable information. Keep posting such great info for us you can SEE HERE more about textile

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