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  • 23rd May'22
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The sudden shift from full-time office jobs to the necessary Work-from-home culture during the pandemic has shown that it is possible to deliver the same or even better quality of deliverables even from a remote setup. As this kind of setup has proved itself to be sustainable in terms of investments like traveling and office rental spaces and equipment, it is becoming more often in the upcoming startups. 

Though the Work-from-home culture is profitable, its effectiveness is determined by the strategy and tools we use. For example, with the wrong tools and methodology, an employer may not be able to monitor the progress of an employee. And similarly, an employee may end up working more than their usual 9-5 shift while working from home. Therefore, let's discuss some of the hurdles of Work from Home. 


Work-From-Home Problems That Hinder Productivity



1. Blurred Work-Life Boundaries


A holy area aside from mainstream society will always be the home. Many people consider it their haven, and having a portion of it invaded by work can be jarring. This unexpected intrusion may cause a blurring of the barriers between work and personal life, boosting stress levels.

These hazy lines might have devastating consequences in unexpected places. Working from home, for example, increases the likelihood of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Employees may be hesitant to take time off for exercise because of the blurring lines.

2. Inadequate Tools and Equipment


Employers frequently consider the technical hardware and software that employees require to perform their jobs. However, equally important concerns such as the environment and workplace go unaddressed.

Not every employee will have sufficient room or even basic equipment such as a desk or seating. It may seem far-fetched to imagine, but it can make getting chores done more difficult.

A possible solution is to offer good hardware and software like the OpenGrowth Hub, Slack, etc to stay connected. Through Slack, employees can stay in touch with each other through texts and messages. On the other hand, the OpenGrowth Hub provides various features like Channels, Reports, Stocks, Huddle, etc for employees to effectively communicate with their superiors. 


3. Lack of communication in trivial tasks


Choosing to work from home disconnects the team from communicating in person and shifts them to models like video calls, voice calls, chats, emails, etc. The problem with this setup is that the people interacting are at a major risk of miscommunication and this may result in serious productivity issues.

The lack of confidence displayed by many employers is a significant source of anxiety for remote workers. Many unusual things have happened as a result, such as mandatory live cam surveillance, better reporting, and virtual timekeeping.

While limited accountability implementation is acceptable, widespread monitoring undermines unit cohesion and can rapidly lead to animosity. Softwares are the OpenGrowth Hub help out communication by having features like Channels and private DMs.


4. Scattered team effort and employee isolation


Humans are social animals, and working from home takes them away from the close engagement they would have with coworkers. While some people may enjoy solitude, developing these behaviors isn't usually healthy over time.

Apart from the dangers to one's mental health, employee isolation can quickly erode group cohesion. As a result, poor overall performance in specific areas may occur, resulting in unwarranted responsibility being placed on some individuals.

When remote teams reach a certain mass, employees are thrust into situations they have never encountered before. You are confined to a small space with no one to chat to instead of closely observing work and having direct interaction with your colleagues. The worst-case scenario is that you develop cabin fever.

Cabin fever is a claustrophobic irritability and restlessness syndrome that occurs when a person is locked in an isolated environment for a lengthy period. This syndrome can cause drowsiness and insomnia, as well as boredom and a lack of motivation.


5. Lost track of targets during execution


As an employee is working from home, currently there is no fixed method of gauging whether they are at their desk working or not. Similarly, if an employer asks their employees to stay on a video call throughout the day, then creates undue pressure on the employee and also stresses out the internet connectivity bills. Furthermore, some computer systems cannot take the load of multiple heavy software running and can consequently reduce productivity. 

In this scenario, an employer may set up monthly or even weekly targets for an employee but monitoring the progress can simply be achieved by receiving regular reports. These reports can be sent daily, weekly, and monthly summing up the work that a person does. These reports not only help with tracking the progress of an employee but also helps with understanding the issues that the person faces in a particular task. 

Employees currently choose to send such reports to their respective supervisors through email or on Whatsapp groups. But these end up becoming a pile of unsorted documents in email or the phone. Therefore, reports are an important part of a company’s analytics which deserve a separate setup and monitoring. 


How can the OpenGrowth Hub ease your work?



At the OpenGrowth Hub, reports are given the credit and importance they deserve. There is a separate tab under which employees can submit their work-related updates in the form of daily, weekly, and monthly reports. After they save their reports, they can choose to send them to their supervisors through the same tab. 

Reporting Managers who receive these reports, too have a fresh tab where they find all the reports sent by an employee in one place. These documents are sorted according to dates and employees resulting in a very user-friendly environment for both the person submitting and evaluating the report.

Reports feature makes working and reporting much more accessible and simpler. The reports can also be shared via e-mail with team members. Furthermore, Reports are provided with the flexibility of being edited or deleted and made freshly. 


Overcoming Challenges of Working From Home


Employers suffer the consequences popular idea that employees will suffer the most remote work obstacles. However, the reality is that both parties have unique obstacles, with employers bearing the bulk of the blame.

Individual solutions that will fit your company and culture must be carefully considered. Agility and the willingness to modify the necessary tools and swiftly put up realistic instructions based on what you observe working – or not working – will be the most valuable assets in any remote work setting.

The OpenGrowth Hub is an effective tool that streamlines the work for both the employees and employers and creates a systematic funnel. This not only eases out the stress on personal channels like Whatsapp and even emails for that matter. So, take charge of your business setup and try out the OpenGrowth hub today!


We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.


*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

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Shriya Sarang, OpenGrowth Content Team

Shriya Sarang holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Apart from having no political opinions, she advocates financial literacy among her friends. 

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