Revolutionizing Hospitality Experiences with Touchless Technology

  • 11th Feb'21
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The coronavirus pandemic impact has been massive on the travel and tourism and hospitality industry. Although now, things are stirring up again as travel enthusiasts are back on the road but there the rules and regulations and precautions list has increased.

Hygiene and No contact services are the prime requirements to ensure the safety of the guests and staff. This has created and spurted the need for contactless technology for check-ins and check-outs.


Touchless Hospitality is the required creativeness in the technology for the Hospitality industry currently. It is the foreseeable future until Covid disappears or a proper vaccine is available for general use.


While making Hotel reservations online has been the trend for quite some time now but people are preferring touchless check-ins and check-outs for their safety.


Hotelogix is a company that has come up with a groundbreaking cloud-based hotel management system, Hotel PMS Software which lets you manage all your hotel operations including check-ins and check-outs from their smartphones.


The software offers the convenience of online check-ins by quickly scanning guest IDs from 80+ countries from the mobile and finish the check-in process within a few seconds. One can manage bills and accept payments from guests for hassle-free check-outs.

This software uses cloud technology which lets both the hotel staff and guests use the application and state your requirements whether it be housekeeping operations or managing multiple POS operations or getting access to actionable reports.

This will not just be a thing until coronavirus leaves us but will improve guest experience to avoid long hours waiting at the reception.

Hotel PMS will act as a safety measure for guests and staff while speeding and making hotel operations efficient.

With that being said, this opens up a new array of needs and demands for the whole travel and hotel industry not limited to guest-facing needs that require to be addressed by the tech solution providers.


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