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In the 21st century, the most essential thing that came out under the spotlight is financial stability, especially in terms of women empowerment. 

When India remained busy dreaming about equality and liberalism and about how it would make mankind pleasant, Conversely, several entrepreneurs were taking quintessential steps to improve the lives of women. Sairee Chahal, who created SHEROES in 2013, is also one of these known women entrepreneurs.


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SHEROES, The community-based forum aims to introduce various companies to professional women. That includes digital goods, customer service and specialist ventures, distribution systems, recruiting strategies, branding.

As explained by Sairee herself in one of the conversations - The core of our philosophy is to help women navigate career stages and find work that fits their life. is a platform product built around career and life stages of women and assists them throughout their career in terms of work opportunities that best fit their lives, career resources and mentorship," 




Sheores Women


SHEROES meaning "She Heroes", is one of the propositions where moms who wanted to get back into the workforce could have a platform to go ahead and sparkle through.

Moreover, SHEROES works in India for women who want employment and enjoy their home time also. The Gateway also supports women in finding appropriate tools and mentors.


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By building a profile, women can join the team. Then they can pursue possibilities, use professional material, contact advisors or take part in different jobs and activities.

Sairee, the Cofounder and CEO of SHEROES. stated in an interview - We’re building the “women’s internet”—this means reimagining the internet as we know it for women users, making it safe, high empathy, high trust, constructive, and relevant. So we’re always looking for high-empathy product managers, preferably women, who can relate to the problems we’re attempting to solve. Connecting the dots between technology, the internet, and women, and backing it up with a combination of empathy, authenticity, depth, and playfulness, is in high demand here. The bigger idea is to develop a massive pipeline for the next generation of professionals building the women’s internet. We’re already doing this via our “women in tech” campus lead programs, communities, and workshops.

Besides, SHEROES have committed departments working tirelessly to find the most significant real opportunities for women, to brand women's products, to channel opportunities for new-age companies and to support the development of small women entrepreneurs.


Sairee Chahal


Sairee Chahal, founder and CEO of SHEROES, had the experience of becoming a leader for women in a professional arena and of identifying flexible working opportunities for them through her former project Fleximoms.

With the ultimate objective of assisting women in navigating their vocational roadmaps and finding a job to match their lives. SHEROES, as based out of Noida was integrated by Sairee in 2013.


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Further, Because many existing work portals are accessible, SHEROES exclusive emphasis on women also distinguishes it from the rest, hence, it made Sairee Chahal the only women entrepreneur who willingly contributed towards the good of other women.

Women, to march ahead, need opportunities, not speeches,” says Sairee Chahal. And as per her work, it proves just right!




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