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The most significant advantage of the internet is the feature of sharing digital content across several platforms. Elearning Business is gaining pace and has already carved its position in the market. More popular now than ever, the dependency of institutions in pandemic times has given these education platforms the power to think differently. SCORM, which was launched in 2000, stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM based learning uses principles to help e-learner providers create customized courses and share them digitally across other systems.

SCORM helps coders build data models that can communicate with any other LMS(Learning Management System). It ensures compatibility across other tools and platforms. To simply put, SCORM is a set of standards that accepts different contents from the creators without running an extra set of security codes (when run on any platform). SCORM helps refine the content by ensuring the courses' packaging, launching, and sharing so that students can easily access them.  




Access Via SCORM

ADL(Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative) created SCORM standards to save money by reusability of content. The vision of ADL implied using the same data and not the creation of a market. When you practically look for an LMS(Learning Management Systems), you must go for a SCORM compliant LMS. You can use this standard to understand how your learners operate your content. You can check out:

  • Everything related to the course
  • The time spent in each course
  • The progress of the students
  • The learner's objective and scores

In the packaging phase, an XML file "imsmanifest" gives details of the course to the user. In the launching /run time phase, interactions happen with the SCORM compliant LMS, and then it tracks the responses from the user.


How Effective is SCORM?

  • The plug and play feature ensures one-time creation and several times usage of content across channels.
  • SCORM enables creators to mix and match content to give the users the best training experience.
  • Most high-quality LMSs are SCORM compliant. Hence, the LMS can track any relevant data without an extra cost.
  • Using SCORM enables interactive content with additional features in the tools. The content becomes adaptive, durable, accessible from any location, and can be operated at multiple platforms.
  • SCORM developed content is error-free as well. It ultimately helps increase the value of your online course.




Versions of SCORM

SCORM has stayed true to its name, i.e., it has been helping to share training content and is widely adopted by several organizations. Let's look at the different versions of SCORM.



It was the first version developed and, to date, has not gained much visibility. It supports very few systems.



It supports several LMS and is very popular. Most of the content creators rely on this version and produce data that meets this standard.


SCORM 1.3 or SCORM 2004

The latest version has elaborative functions of packaging, launching, sequencing, and navigation. It helps content producers develop better content by reading the user behaviors within the content. It is gaining popularity at a slow pace and, with the recent developments, will soon transform into the most successful learning model.


What are Some Other Protocols to Track Data?

Apart from SCORM, several other learning standards have gained momentum amid the rise of virtual learning. 



Also known as the next-gen of SCORM, this standard is more flexible and lightweight. Storing and tracking data is relatively convenient here as xAPI or Exchange API can collect data from multiple sources online and offline to dump at one place called LRS (learning record store). It can track the behavior of employees' performance and work as standards to improve on the rest.



Codeveloped by ADI and AICC(Aviation Industry computer-based training committee), cmi5 is almost an enhanced version of SCORM. You can track the detailed performance of a user without thinking of storage size. Content can launch in the LMS window and interoperate, minimizing the pop-up issue as in SCORM.


scorm vs xapi



For an example of SCORM based learning, let's think of a golf course. The basic HTML codes for the game instructions are the first step. The SCORM package would mostly mean building onto the course such that all versions of SCORM can use them as templates. The last step will be the run-time of the SCORM templates. The SCORM course look is a presentation with interactive tools.

SCORM is an advanced technique for e-learning if you intend to work with different creators. You can create training content to reuse in other LMS and track user performance through a study of behavior. You do not necessarily need a SCORM if you are designing a simple webpage. The critical point here is for the software developer to create SCORM conformant content that is compatible. The SCORM course tracks and monitors user data like access location, session time, suspend data (which bookmarks the position where the learner has stopped in the session), learner score, individual answers, etc. It makes it an effective authoring tool! One of the most needed solutions for e-learning! 


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