Revolution in Cancer Diagnosis by Smart Needles

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The disease “Cancer” affects a whopping 50 percent of people in their lifetime, while one-in-two succumb to this deadly cancer diagnosis disease. However, with the rising innovations in future technologies, Scientists have produced pioneering innovative technologies that can identify and diagnose one of the most common cancer diagnosis types within a couple of seconds. And guess what’s the main ingredient? It’s using the light.


What is the Smart Needle?

A varied team of experts has formed a ground-breaking ‘smart needle’ probe that utilizes light to detect cancerous tissues or cells instantaneously. This form of “optical biopsy” uses Raman spectroscopy, which measures the rate of light scattered by tissues when a low-power laser falls onto it.

Light scatters differently for healthy or cancerous tissues, which indicates that health professionals can detect whether there are any issues or not within seconds. The outcomes show it is likely to present a fingerprint of the disease that can be used to cancer diagnosis within a couple of seconds, producing near-instantaneous effects for the doctor and decreasing patient anxiety.


Cancer diagnosis


What The Research Team Has To Say in This Regard?

Professor Nick Stone, from the University of Exeter and Project head of this innovation, said:

“The Raman smart needle can measure the molecular changes associated with disease in tissues and cells at the end of the needle. Provided we can reach a lump or bump of interest with the needle tip; we should be able to assess if it is healthy or not.”

While initial diagnosis can be an important determinant in providing adequate treatment, prevailing methods can be both invasive and time-consuming, making the patients anxious about results. The team believes that this new system could improve the solution for extra health benefits. the rate of detection and diagnosis of cancers, particularly lymphoma, the sixth most prevalent cancer in the UK.

A sample of affected cells will be taken from a suspected lump of patients suffering from lymphoma, followed by a surgical biopsy of the node, to achieve a full diagnosis. This whole process can often take over two weeks. The team expects this new technique to avoid surgery and chemotherapy and provide a less invasive and faster technique to determine cancer diagnosis whether the patient has cancer or not.


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It is expected that this smart needle can surely revolutionize the trends and diagnosis for better treatment of cancer in the UK and Worldwide.


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