Smudge-Proof Makeup for Under Face Mask

  • 30th Sep'20
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Since the beginning of the global pandemic, a lot of our safety standards have shifted, and wearing a face mask has become the new normal. More so, from the look of aspects, we will need to wear a face mask for some time to come. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a smudge-free makeup experience, either. Well, there are some simple things you can do to wear your face mask and still admire your beauty routine every day.


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If the feeling of smudged makeup under your face mask is avoiding you from indulging in your daily makeup routine, then fret not; Read on for some near-genius tips to prevent your face mask from tarnishing your makeup: 


Tip #1: Avoid going overboard with makeup

One of the first things to maintain when doing makeup is to prevent wearing too much. Instead of opting for a full coverage foundation along with concealer, it would be nicer to just use a concealer on your undereye and to spot correctly. Alternatively, you can use a light-weight CC lotion. Remember, layers of makeup will only improve the possibilities of smudging.


Tip #2: Use a matte formula

We know that you adore your glow-inducing foundation, but that’s not the decent choice to wear with a face mask as it can be effortlessly smudged and transferred. If you do expect to wear a foundation, it is adequate to stick to a mineral-based or matte finish one that clings to your skin better and doesn’t move much.


Tip #3: Use a setting spray

If you are intending to wear both your makeup and mask for long hours, then we would highly recommend that you finish your makeup with a considerable amount of setting spray to lock everything in place. This will assure that your makeup becomes more reluctant to sweat and doesn’t budge.


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