Social Media Hacks to Make the Content Viral

  • 14th Oct'20
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Social Media Hacks

Whether you own a nonprofit or a social impact firm, your cause has the right to mass exposure. At times, it can feel difficult to utilize social media to unlock this. Fortunately, thanks to today’s social media accessibility, it’s simpler than ever to get shares and more eyes on the content. A recent report by Statistica found that 95 % of young grown-ups follow a brand online. Social media isn’t just for pals and social engagements anymore.

Having a piece of content go viral is every marketer’s fantasy. The thought of having thousands or even millions of people consuming your content is incredible, and it can take your brand to new heights.


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Hacks to Go Viral 

Achieving virality is quite spontaneous, but there are a few social media hacks that can get you near. These hacks can at the very smallest garner your content more exposure than any of your previous social media actions. Check out the below hacks:

1. Capture attention right off the bat 

Especially if you don’t yet have a big name or a significant following, it can be tough to fight for viewers’ attention. Because the average person has the attention range of a goldfish, they have to instantly be curious about your content to engage further.

2. Incorporate emotions or ownership into the content

Because many causes are grounded in human emotion, impact-oriented startups have an actual opportunity in building content that targets emotions. It will vary widely for every content, but consider how you can put observers in the shoes of who you’re influencing through your organization.

3. Aim to make people laugh

On the other side of the exact coin, laughter is a human feeling that’s shareable. If you’ve ever fumbled across a meme or video that made you burst out laughing, you likely shared it with another person. Because social impact firms typically have more serious content, it can originally seem challenging to create humorous content around the mission.


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