Splash into Adventures in the Water World Ocean Park at Hong Kong 

  • 23rd Jul'21
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If you consider yourself a water baby or love to play along in the water with family and friends or all by yourself, then you are in for the “Waves full of surprise.” After four long years of labor and delays, Ocean Park has opened up its Water World Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Water World Park Ocean is going to be Asia’s first and only Ocean Park. For years, the Water World Ocean Park was one of the Ocean’s Park best-kept secrets and has now opened with a famous brand statement – “Splash into Adventure.” Also, the park is designed and built to be a year-round, all-weather seaside water park.


Water World Ocean Park


Unveiling of the Park and Water World Logo

With the brand’s much-anticipated unveiling of the Water World Ocean Park, it is expected to bring a lot of joy to the people from this summer onwards. It even revealed its encapsulating Water World Logo that completely describes its unique topography and mesmerizing location. The logo bears a stylish design of the sea and mountains with the sun beaming with a bright smile behind.

Paulo Pong, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park, says, “Water World is set to bring out the adventurous spirit in all of us. With an architectural design that embraces the natural terrain, it gives adventurers the opportunity to take in the beauty that surrounds our Southern District. We’re so looking forward to welcoming everyone to Water World soon.” 

All the young thrill-seekers and the families looking to bond over this summer can visit the Water World Ocean Park for a lifelong and surreal experience with lots of fun and endless surprises to discover with complete delight. Also, it will be anice getaway from things that happened during the pandemic.


Announcement of the Manulife’s Sponsorship

Pong further unveiled Manulife’s sponsorship of Horizon Cave that will be Hong Kong’s first-ever all-weather indoor wave pool to be located at the Hidden Village. He says, “We are excited to introduce Manulife as the first major sponsor of Water World, which underpins the strong support received from our Hong Kong community towards this extraordinary addition to the city’s leisure and entertainment offerings.”


Ocean Park Hong Kong


Water World Ocean Park Zones

The Water World Ocean Park has segregated the whole park into five zones with their own uniquely filled rides and thrills to provide more choice to the people to ensure people get the best out of their selections. Each zone will have its dedicated guides to help people move seamlessly between its 27 cumulative outdoor and indoor attractions where everyone can find something enjoyable for themselves.

These five zones are the – Splendid Reef, Torrential River, Thrill Valley, Adventure Coast, and Hidden Village.

Each zone further serves as an exploration where the people can start from the Splendid Reef and cover the entire area by reaching the Hidden Village. The guides will assist everyone at the water zones beforehand to ensure people have all the fun they want throughout the journey.


Splendid Reef

It will serve as the starting point for the journey of exploration. It is a vast open area that stands right next to South China Seashores.


Torrential River

Torrential River is meant to be made more challenging than the other zone, and it will be a real test of the individuals who wish to try something extreme for fun. 


Thrill Valley

The Thrill Valley is bound to blow minds with its amazingly extreme slides to ride. Also, it offers the dropping freefall experience for adventure enthusiasts who want to have an elegant look at the park from the top of the mountain to the valley below.


Adventure Coast

After exploring the three zones mentioned earlier, people can enjoy some relaxation under the sun in the Adventure Coast with refreshing food and beverages alongside the gentle sea breeze.


Hidden Village

It is the first-ever Hong Kong’s all-weather indoor wave pool where people of all ages can treat themselves to some awe-inspiring adventures for a ton of excitement.

So, if you are looking forward to this brand new experience, then you can stay tuned for more updates from the Water World Ocean Park, where people can “Splash into Adventures.” Just add Hong Kong in your bucket list places to travel to this year.


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